9 Advantages of Using Passive Solar Heating

When considering solar energy to power your home and appliances, it pays to look at the idea of passive solar heating. Many people see solar energy as a way forward during times of very high heating bills. There are many advantages to using passive solar power to heat your home.

1 – Costs

Passive solar heating is not a new idea but it is something which is becoming more frequently used in modern buildings and homes. It considerably reduces the amount of heating required from other sources and also reduces carbon emissions and that is the most important factor to think about.

2 – Efficiency

Passive solar energy makes more of the efficiency within the heating system of your home. It is not the main source of heating, hence the term ‘passive’, but it acts as a subsidiary or auxiliary form of heating which can be engaged as and when needed.

3 – Conserving with Conservatories

Having a glass conservatory is a great form of passive solar heating. Many people would not even think of it as such, but the sun's heat will enhance the warmth in the conservatory and this will bring extra heat to nearby areas of the house. This will result in the need to use less gas or electric heating in those areas.

4 – Building Design

Designers of new buildings now try to optimize the amount of energy they can derive from the sun. Careful planning helps to collect as much of the sun's heat as possible to reduce much of the need for gas or electric heating.

5 – Building Materials

If you are building a new home, give serious consideration to materials and fabrics that offer great insulation.

6 – South Facing

If you have a south facing garden or home, you can directly benefit from passive solar heating without doing much at all. The sun will shed light and warmth on that side of your home all year round. If you have large patio doors in that area of your home, you will spend less money heating that part of it. You may have noticed that even in winter, that side of your home still requires less heat than the rest of the house.

7 – Renewable Energy

Everyone is searching for the ultimate in renewable and sustainable sources these days and the sun is the best answer to getting free renewable solar heating. It creates no carbon footprint whatsoever and you can take reasonably cheap steps to alter your home sufficiently enough to reduce your household bills by employing passive solar heating.

8 – Silence is Golden

Having passive solar heating around your home also eliminates the constant use of noisy heating systems and furnaces, which will fire up during quiet times and disturb the peace. Reducing the need for noisy furnaces offers a peaceful time at home and promotes the enjoyment of your entertainment sources.

9 – Air and ventilation

Not only can you benefit from passive solar heating to heat your home efficiently, but also you can rely on it to cool your home during hotter periods. If you are building a new home, you can plant trees on the south side of your house so that during the summer, they will offer a shade from the heat. During the winter, when they have dropped their leaves, you will still get warmth coming in, too.