9 Apps for Decoration and Design

person using tablet with room design app, comparing colors for a bedroom wall

Interior design doesn’t have to be something left only to professionals. Thankfully, there’s an app for that! Take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to make the most out of the interior of your home.

1. Coolors

Landing on a color scheme for a particular room can be tricky, but you don’t need to go it alone! Thanks to the app Coolors, you can get help auto-generating a color palette to use virtually anywhere in your home. Use the custom generator or rely on many of their curated palettes to inspire you when you use this awesome app.

2. Artfully Walls Try on Wall

Choosing the perfect art for your home can be a challenge, but once you’ve done that, you also have to figure out how and where to hang it. This app allows you to use augmented reality to preview the art you’re considering for your walls and figure out the best configuration for something beautiful.

3. HomeByMe

Design the interior of your home on your phone screen with HomeByMe. This nifty app allows you to place actual products in this 2D and 3D version of your home, showing how different furniture and decor pieces would look in your space. Let your imagination run wild with the help of this comprehensive design app!

4. Houzz

person using home design site on laptop

This popular app is a great way to create a mood board for designing and decorating your home. This app is chock full of design inspiration, projects, and product ratings. It’s simple to use in examining your space, and it allows you to connect with professionals in the design and decor fields, too.

5. Carpetright Visualizer

Your floors are a huge piece of the design and look of your home, and if you’re considering redoing them, it’s a big step! This visualizer app helps you see what rooms in your home would look like with a range of different floor types. All you have to do is take a photo of the room and upload it to the app. Then, you can customize the wall color and floor type to see what combinations you like. It’s a simple concept, but definitely a helpful one!

6. RoomScan Pro

This app is all about function! RoomScan uses your phone software to take inventory of the wall heights, angles, lengths, and backgrounds around your home. The app can create an accurate floor plan of your home, displaying layouts, a 3D plan with planning processes, and other functions such as enhanced reality scans and scans of your yard or garden.

7. Hutch

interior design app on smartphone

You know all those inspiration photos you’ve saved to use in decorating your own home? You can put them to use with the app Hutch! This app merges the worlds of both rendering and shopping, allowing users to upload photos and then shop the look displayed in those pictures directly. The app co-founder compared the technology of this app to the technology of what Snapchat filters do to our faces, but with furniture. This is a great way to help your interior design vision come to life!

8. Planner 5D

This handy tool allows you to create detailed home plans and modern interior design like a pro without needing any professional skills. The beauty of this app is that it allows users to easily visualize how a room or home will look once your plans come to life. Planner 5D also includes a vast ideas library that will inspire you along your journey of creating your dream home.

9. Color Capture

From the makers of Benjamin Moore paint, Color Capture allows you to take a photo of a color you want to use in your home and then receive suggestions of what paint colors will match that color. For instance, use a picture of the couch color you want to use in your family room. Just like that, the app will show you paint colors that will match perfectly with the couch of your dreams. This makes pairing hues a breeze when it comes to planning your space.

These are just some of the great apps that will make your design and decor process even more fun and seamless!