9 Basement Bar Accessories to Consider

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Whether it’s a sports theme or a tiki theme, a bar is not a bar without bar accessories. Besides the alcohol, glasses, and daiquiri mix, you might want to consider other things you need.

For example, if a friend comes over and likes frozen margaritas, a blender will come in handy.

Or, if you have kids, you might want to stock up on fun glasses or a popcorn maker to entertain them since they don’t drink alcohol.

Here are nine ideas for bar accessories you might want to consider in the future.

1. Popcorn Maker

Whether you are entertaining friends, throwing a pool party, or have the bar open, a popcorn maker provides great snacks for both young and old.

There are even popcorn makers that sit right on top of the counter and provide entertainment while it pops.

2. Microwave Oven

open microwave door

A microwave oven comes in handy as a bar accessory since it can warm up bar snacks like cheese sticks, small pizzas, and other finger foods.

It can also serve as a backup way to cook food in case your kitchen microwave goes on the brink.

3. Bar Light

An additional bar light sets the atmosphere and the mood for your bar. Either hang lights above the bar or place a fun bar lamp purchased from a home goods store at the corner of the bar for extra light.

4. Wine Cooler

pouring wine into a decanter

If you are a wine connoisseur, a wine bar can be an added benefit to your bar. Many models are now portable and can hold anywhere between six and 30 bottles at the correct temperature.

5. Blender

Almost every bar at one time needs a blender to make blended drinks, margaritas, frozen drinks like daiquiris, and more. Leave it sitting out for quick access or store it under bar shelves.

6. Refrigerator

A refrigerator can hold additional drinks like sodas and beer, as well as other spirits that need to be refrigerated. Most home improvement stores sell small refrigerators that fit under the bar.

They can also store condiments needed for drinks like Maraschino cherries, olives, fresh fruits, and more.

7. Ice Cube Maker

ice trays in a freezer

Either buy a refrigerator with a freezer already built-in or purchase a portable ice maker. Both are beneficial when making cold drinks, blended drinks, and exotic drinks.

Having ice cubes on hand and near the bar is more convenient than having to run upstairs or in another room to replenish.

8. Seating

A bar needs a place to sit, so think about adding some kind of bar stool or chair. Most home goods stores sell a variety of bar stools ranging from round stools to others with armrests and high backs.

9. Overall Decor

Accessorizing the bar should include your personal touch to tie it all together. Think about how you want your bar to look. Ask yourself what you like in terms of colors, artwork, plants, wall clocks, mirrors, bar signs, countertops, and more.