9 Bedroom DIYs Under $100

A small bedroom with wallpaper on closet doors.

Renovating a bedroom is often a lengthy and costly process—but it doesn’t have to be. Avoid the normal expenses associated with redesigns with these nine bedroom DIYs for under $100. Not only will these projects keep you under budget, but they will also give you the freedom of transforming your bedroom without spending hours in your workshop.

1. Wallpaper Art

Wallpaper is great on walls, but it can also be used as art. There are two ways to do this. The first is to simply purchase a large picture frame at your local big box store and pick out a pretty wallpaper to place inside the frame. Roll the wallpaper onto the cardboard backing of the frame and install. The second is to wallpaper over those outdated rolling closet doors. These are great ways to get the wallpaper look without the hassle of having to paper a whole room.

2. Floating Bedside Tables

A dark floating wall shelf against a white wall with a lamp and books on it.

Floating tables are a great way to free up some floor space in your room (especially if it's small). Place these beside the bed as a nightstand or anywhere you need a tabletop such as for a vanity. Simply attach two heavy-duty brackets to the wall at the desired height and secure your plywood or other surface material on top. Just make sure the brackets can hold up to the weight of the top and whatever items you store on it.

3. Accessorize

If you're looking to get more out of your budget, consider spending money on accessories you can use throughout your bedroom. You can often find great deals at thrift stores or flea markets on items like lamps, shades, candle holders, mirrors, and small furniture. The trick is finding items that need a little work, like a new paint job, and rehabbing it to fit your style.

4. Wall Sconces

A wood headboard with wall sconces on either side.

Wall sconces offer a decorative twist to traditional lighting. There are many types on the market ranging in price and style, so take your time to find one that fits the existing room and your budget. As far as placement is concerned, wall sconces work best on either side of an object, such as wall art or your headboard.

5. Updated Curtains

Switching up your window curtains can really transform a room—but don’t focus only on the curtains. Buying new curtain rods can also add some much needed flair to the bedroom.

6. Build a Bench

A rustic wood bench on a white rug with white pillows on it.

You might be surprised what an extra piece of furniture can do to a room. If you need a place for seating or to temporarily store bags and clothing, then consider building a bench you can place at the foot of your bed. You can construct the bench out of wood and cover the seat with patterned fabric to add a little extra color to the space. You can also purchase an old bench at the thrift store and restore it if you want to avoid a big carpentry project.

7. Wallpapered Windows

Why settle for a boring roller window shade? Transform your windows by covering a basic roller shade with wallpaper. Simply apply a wallpaper of your choice onto the roller shade with adhesive. The wallpaper will easily adhere onto the shade and can complement existing décor in your room. While wallpaper tends to be expensive, you only need a small quantity to complete this project so there may be room in your budget to splurge on an expensive paper you can't otherwise afford for the whole room.

8. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

A bedroom with a gauzy curtain and a reclaimed wood headboard.

The headboard is one of the most important design elements in your bedroom. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to get the headboard of your dreams. Build your own headboard with reclaimed wood pallets. If you don't like the raw wood look, use chalk paint to brighten it up.

9. Suspended Shelves

Suspended shelves are a great twist to a floating shelf. Consider this an update that doesn't actually mean the shelf is hanging from the ceiling—it just looks like it. You can use any style of chain or rope you desire. Just attach the material with a simple hook on both the ceiling and the shelf and make sure to pull it taught so there's no slack.