9 Different Flagpole Types

A flagpole allows you to display your loyalty to your country or an organization. Read this article to learn more about different types of flagpoles.


A military flagpole stands at the center of most military establishments and embodies the loyalty of the force to the nation. Military flagpoles cannot be raised on foreign soil, so any military flags flown overseas indicate a safe haven for that country’s nationals. To indicate the force in control, a military flagpole has a jack staff on which to fly unit flags or the flags of visiting dignitaries.


Ceremonial flagpoles are usually temporary. They mark special occasions.


Flag bearers carry marching flagpoles. The bearers supports the pole by resting the foot of the pole at mid-thigh level.


Indoor flagpoles are usually between 6 and 8 feet tall. They fit into permanent holders. Indoor flagpoles can be arranged at angles to allow the flags to drape attractively and display the colors to better effect.


Street flagpoles attach to or utilize parts of street furniture or lamps. Some street flagpoles are horizontal; the flag hangs vertically in a fully unfurled position.


A vertical residential flag pole is usually placed at one end of a drive or in a front garden. The flag may be fixed, or it may be on a lanyard. You can raise and lowers flags on lanyards. Fixed flags must be illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Wall Mounting

Where it isn’t convenient or possible to have a flagpole set in the ground, you can install a wall-mounted flagpole. For homes, these flagpoles usually sit at an angle and are not especially long. On official buildings, they can be as long as ground-mounted poles.


A multiple pole is an arrangement of several flagpoles. The most popular arrangements are a fan display or a display of several vertical flagpoles.


Flagpole accessories, such as a brass eagle, can enhance basic poles. Lighting also serves a functional purpose. If you plan to display a national flag at night, you need to illuminate the flag.