9 Garage Ceiling Storage Ideas

The great thing about the garage is that it can be used for more than storing the family vehicles and garbage bins. In fact, even the garage ceiling can be used for storage and may be the de-cluttering answer to your space issues. Overall, the garage can hold a lot of things with cabinets, shelves and floor space. Consider moving some of the things to the ceiling to make room. For example, the garage space can be used to house excess boxes, holiday ornaments, furniture and much more. Not only will it free up space inside your home, but storing items on the garage ceiling is a fairly easy task.

However, before you start hauling and dragging your boxes to the garage, make sure you have enough space to store your items. Also make sure there is nothing blocking the ceiling area and that you have shelving or hooks already in place. You should be able to purchase inexpensive shelving and various hooks from local hardware and home improvement stores. Here are 9 ideas for what can be stored up above in the garage ceiling.

Athletic Equipment

In the spring, store your winter sporting goods equipment in the garage ceiling like snow skis, sleds, snow boots, ice skates and cross country skis. In the winter, use the garage ceiling to store the kid's swimming pool, pool toys, lawn mowers, garden equipment, grass seeder and other summer items. Either hang the items by hooks or place them in boxes.

Holiday Items

The garage ceiling is a terrific place to put away all of your holiday items, such as the artificial Christmas tree, bulbs, outdoor lights, garland and inflatable or other outdoor holiday decorations.

Seasonal Clothing

When you aren’t wearing your winter sweaters, you can box them up or place them in an airtight bag to keep them fresh. Removing them from your regular closet can make room for fun spring and summer clothing. Don't forget to add mothballs in the boxes to keep moths from getting in. Place the boxes on the shelves in the garage ceiling. During the colder months, pack away summer frocks, golf clothing and kids summer attire.

Hoisting Bikes

Rather than parking your bikes next to your cars in the garage and possibly scratching the paint or make dents in the doors, hang your bikes on hooks from the garage ceiling. Be sure the hooks are strong and sturdy before hanging.

Furniture Fix

When winter or cooler weather hits and the patio furniture needs to be stored, rather than throwing a canvas over tables, lounge chairs and tables, and letting the elements ruin them, store the furniture on shelving on the garage ceiling. Just be sure the shelves are wide and strong enough to hold the furniture. Other furniture that is rarely used in the house but that you are not quite ready to toss can also be placed there. Think tables, chairs, desks or anything that is not used on a daily basis.


If you can't part with your old lap top, desk top,printer or any other type of electronic equipment, place old towels over the items to keep away dist and plant them on the shelves you have installed on the garage ceiling.