9 Hacks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

Small bedroom with bike

Having a small bedroom can make you feel like you're sleeping in a closet, and that's definitely no fun. A bedroom of any size should be a place you can go find refuge after a stressful day, and that can be true in even the smallest bedroom with a few tricks. There's a lot you can do, so if you're ready to bring out your creative and fun side and transform your small bedroom, check out these nine awesome hacks to make your bedroom feel bigger.

1. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to small rooms to make them look bigger is a trick nearly all of us know, but when it comes to a bedroom adding mirrors everywhere can be hard. Since wall space may be limited, try mirrored closet doors.

Want another mirror trick? Adding a large mirror across from the mirrored doors will provide great depth. If you can't get mirrored doors into the room, find a floor length mirror and hang it on any door or open wall space. An especially good spot is near a window and will really help create a wider feeling space.

small bedroom with paint

2. Paint

Paint is an easy and big way to make your small bedroom look larger. It's not just about the walls though, there's a lot of other sneaky ways to make it feel brighter and roomier with paint. To start with, keep your walls light. Lighter colors will reflect the light making it seem bigger, while darker colors absorb it and make you feel more closed in. If you want more color in the room, go ahead and paint an opposite wall a different color, just stay monochromatic and within the same shade. Want to add height with paint? Paint the ceilings darker. Want the walls to seem further away, making it feel even larger? Paint the trim a lighter shade than the walls.

3. What to Do with Furniture

In a small bedroom there's often not a lot of ways that you can place your furniture, but the one thing that you can control is how much furniture you put in. The more you put in a bedroom, the smaller it will look, but how do you manage this if you're already short on space? One of the best ways to eliminate furniture and yet still get storage, is to put risers under your bed. This creates storage for all the clutter that may make the room look smaller, including furniture that can be easily stored away, like folding chairs or tables.

Don't forget, you also want to get the most use out of everything in the room, so using furniture that has dual purposes is a great way to make a room look larger. Using futons instead of a full bed is one great way to double up on space, or repurpose a bunk bed by putting your bed below and shelving and storage on top.

4. Be Transparent

Using anything that's see-through makes spaces look larger than they are. If possible, incorporate desks and shelves made of glass instead of wood or hard colored plastic. Consider using acrylic and Lucite chairs that are transparent. These will also impact how you see the space, leaving a nice open feeling in the room.

Small bedroom with large artwork

5. How to Hang is as Important as What You Hang

Hanging artwork is a must in a bedroom if you want someplace to call your own. It's all about the pieces you choose and about the illusion it gives, so when you hang your art pieces think bold and think about height. Choosing bold art, especially one piece that will grab attention to a focal point in your room, will add depth. As for height, hang your art low enough to leave a lot of space above. This will make the room look much larger than it is.

6. Say Goodbye to Clutter and Hello to Space

Clutter adds a lot to the perception of a room looking smaller, whether it is or not, so stay away from clutter. Keep clothes tucked away, floors cleaned up, beds made, and any loose junk put away in a storage container.

7. The Effects of Lighting

Lighting can definitely make a room feel a lot of different ways. Going for a bigger feel means going for smaller lighting fixtures. Use little lamps instead of one large ceiling fixture. Several small lamps is even better, as it draws your eye around the room causing you to feel a space is larger than it is.

8. Window Dressing

Keeping your windows undressed is best, but usually not possible. If you need drapes, buy light colors and don't go to the floor with them. Tie them back to help with an open feeling. If you need dark to keep the light out, go for dark blinds that you can raise up under a valance when you're ready for the sun to come back in.

9. The Simpler the Better

Stay away from busy patterns when in a small bedroom. The simpler the design the more room you'll feel like you have. Don't over clutter with artwork, furniture, or decorations. Even with your bedding and drapes, stay with color coordinated designs that match your paint, and say no to loud patterns.

Sometimes all you need is a few optical tricks to make a room seem bigger, but other times you also need to get creative by finding just the right furniture, bedding, and art to push the illusion further. Get creative with whatever you already have and experiment with placement. However, no matter what you do with your design, the most important thing you can do is to keep your space well organized and cleaned up. This will also help you stay less stressed, which is always a good thing!