9 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Adding a kitchen back splash in your kitchen can really give it some character and well as being functional for easy clean up. You have several choices besides the traditional tile back splashes. It will depend upon your personal taste and decor to decide on what will look best in your kitchen. Here are 9 kitchen back splash ideas to consider.

1 - Mural Tiles

Mural tiles will give the look of a piece of art in your kitchen. You can purchase mural tiles in a variety of scenes. You can put up a back splash with a scene of grapes and Chianti bottles, for a Tuscan kitchen, or scene of the ocean for a beach cottage, just for a couple of examples. These can be ordered online or found in home improvement and tile stores.

2 - Slate

Slate is a centuries old product used in many home projects, but recently made its way into kitchen back splashes. The charcoal color adds depth and has a slight sheen. It looks particular good in a light colored kitchen. It is durable after installation and easy to care for.

3 - Marble or Granite

You already know how beautiful marble and granite counter tops are. Adding a back splash of these materials give an expensive appeal to your kitchen. If you already have granite or marble in your kitchen, following up the wall with it will really make a statement!

4 - Stainless

Stainless steel looks clean and modern in any kitchen. Stainless steel tiles come in self stick tiles and are very easy to install. After they are up, they can be cleaned with window cleaner and polished to make them extra shiny, if desired.

5 - Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are available in any color you want. The glass reflects light, and is quite impressive in a kitchen with a lot of light. The maintenance is the same as any other glass in your home. For a deeper effect, you can paint the wall behind the glass tile before installation.

6 - Mix and Match

Buy using 2 or more of the above materials, you can design and one of a kind back splash. For instance, stainless and glass together will look very contemporary, while mural tiles surrounded by marble can look very old world.

7 - Self-Adhesive Stickers

If you have an existing tile back splash that you are just ready to change, the easiest way is to add self-adhesive stickers that are made for this purpose. They come in hundreds of designs, and you and add as few or as many as you wish to give your back splash a lift.

8 - Paint

If you are really on a tight budget, you can simply faux paint a back splash. Its an easy process. You can research different faux finishes online, and then go to your local paint store or home improvement store for the supplies. All of the methods are easy to do, be it a brick effect, marble effect or tile effect.

9 - Broken Mosaic Tiles

You can make a back splash out of broken mosaic tiles by simply adding grout to the area you want the back splash and placing the broken pieces of tile in a pattern of your choice. An alternative to tile for this method is using old dishes that have a similar color pattern.