9 Safety Precautions to Remember when Using an Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is a tool that generates a high torque or rotating force. Impact wrenches can be operated manually. Automatic versions of these tools include electric, hydraulic and air-controlled impact wrenches. Some impact wrenches are cordless, which them easy to use for changing tires on vehicles. As with every tool, impact wrenches have a specific set of safety guidelines, which makes their use safer.

Prepare Beforehand

Before you use the impact wrench, read the instruction manual thoroughly. Make sure you understand all the requirements and specified warnings. Dress appropriately, keeping flowing hair, jewelry and clothes out of the way.

Wear Required Safety Accessories

Before commencing work with the impact wrench, analyze your work surroundings. If they are dusty, wear a respirator or a face mask to protect yourself. Keep your work area free of clutter and objects on which you could trip or lose balance and fall. Wear a thick jacket, gloves and safety goggles.

Use the Correct Accessory

Impact wrenches require the use of accessories such as sockets and drill bits. Before using any accessory, make sure that it is compatible for use with impact wrenches. If not, the parts may be too fragile to withstand the impact and may splinter or break. This can also lead to accidents and injury.

Examine the Impact Wrench and Accessories for Damage

Before using an impact wrench or any required accessories, thoroughly examine them for any signs of cracking, breakage or other signs of damage. Using damaged tools is dangerous, because it could result in serious accidents.

Be Aware of the Work Area

Never use an impact wrench on covered areas that may be concealing electric cables, gas lines or pipes. You could fatally injure yourself and others in the vicinity. In case the work is unavoidable, take necessary precautions such as putting up signs to keep people away and disconnecting all supply lines before commencing work.

Operate the Impact Wrench Properly

Never use an impact wrench for tasks that are unsuitable or too complex. Avoid forcing the tool to prevent accidents. Always make sure you have a firm grip on the tool and maintain control over the applied torque. Check usage, safety instructions and recommended torque for the sockets you use.

Unplug the Impact Wrench when not in Use

If you are not using the impact wrench, unplug it and store the tool and its accessories in a dry, enclosed location. Never change sockets or accessories when the impact wrench is still plugged on. If the tool turns on by mistake, it can cause grievous injury.

Protect the Tool and Accessories

Store the impact wrench and sockets in a safe place. Avoid exposing them to excessive sun or rain. Handle the tool and sockets with care, to avoid dropping and damaging them.

Prevent Accidents

Never use an impact wrench in cold or wet conditions, as this can result in possibly fatal electric shocks. If you are working at a height, make sure you have a firm footing and that no one is directly below you.