9 Tips for Grouting Tiles

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If you plan to grout tiles, you can achieve the best results if you mix the grout correctly, apply it properly, and allow it to cure completely. To minimize the time and effort which are required for great results, use these handy tips.

Wait the Recommended Amount of Time After Tile Installation

If you are grouting new tiles, you must wait the recommended amount of time before you apply grout. Newly installed tiles may take several days to settle properly. When in doubt, consult the tile manufacturer.

Clean the Joints Beforehand

Whether you are grouting new tiles or old ones, you must ensure that the joints are completely free of dirt and debris. Use a blade or a knife to scrape the buildup between the joints. The grout must have enough space to settle.

Mix the Right Amount of Water

A critical part of the grouting process is mixing powdered grout with water. If the grout is too dry or too wet, you will get bad results. The proper consistency of grout is a thick batter that does not drip or fall when it is scooped on a trowel or putty knife. To ensure that you mix the water correctly, add small amounts at a time and keep checking the consistency.

Mix Small Amounts at a Time

You can only use a certain amount of grout at a time. If you mix too much, the paste will dry and be wasted. Mix only as much grout as you can use in 30 minutes. Once you finish using it, mix some more.

Avoid Mixing Entire Bags of Grout

There is always a chance that you might add excess water when mixing the grout. The only remedy is to add more powdered grout. Keep leftover powder on standby.

Use a Grout Float or Trowel

Once you have mixed the grout to the correct consistency, scoop it with a small trowel, putty knife, or grout float. Apply it between the joints then smooth it to force as much grout as possible into the gaps.

Don't Walk on the Tile Immediately After Grouting

Plan a working pattern if you are grouting tiles on the floor. If you walk across newly grouted tiles, the grout will not cure properly.

Clean Excess Grout

Use a damp sponge to wipe the excess grout from the surface. water that drips into the grout will be absorbed and will reduce its strength.

Keep the Grout Moist as It Hardens

The grout must be kept moist as it cures. Place damp paper towels on the grout or use a humidifier.