9 Ways to Make More Kitchen Counter Space

Kitchen counter space with containers

Whether you're a master chef or only make simple meals, having space to spread out in the kitchen is a huge plus. These tips will help you take back your kitchen counters and maximize space.

1. Utilize the Space Above

Use shelves to declutter.

The open space above kitchen cabinets is a great place to store things you do not use often. If you have this option, moving these items out of the way should clear up some space on the counter. This can also give you more options on how you utilize storage and give you space for things you use on a more regular basis, like cutting boards and wood spoons.

2. Add Pegboard Storage

Pegboard storage

If you have a free wall or space under the cabinets, consider installing a pegboard storing system. You can paint the board to match existing decor and store a variety of things for quick access, including spoons, cups, and jars. You can also hang small baskets to store items that do not have a hook. The great thing about a pegboard is that you can get rid of those utensil jars, which should clear up a lot of space.

3. Transform the Oven Into Counter Space

The oven is a great place for adding some additional counter space in a cramped kitchen. Lay a cutting board or something similar across the burner to create a flat surface. Depending on how you place the board, you should still have access to two burners on the stove, allowing you to get the most out of the space. If you are comfortable working with wood, you can even make your own custom board that fits your stovetop perfectly.

4. Use Windowsill Storage

Storing items in the kitchen is one of the fastest ways to eat up counter space. A good way to get around the storage problem is to use the windowsill for overflow. Depending on the depth of your windowsill, you can use it to keep things that do not get regular use, including cookbooks, carafes, storage containers, and canisters.

5. Build Wall Shelves

Kitchen wall shelves

Wall shelves are a good way to take things off the countertop while keeping them close at hand. You can install the shelves anywhere there is an opening. The shelves can be used to place a spice rack, dishes, coffee items, and even appliances. Install the shelves where you can access them without having to use a step stool.

6. Build an Island

Islands can maximize counter space.

Finding ways to create more kitchen counter space sometimes means utilizing the middle of the kitchen. If your kitchen does not have a proper island, consider building one to create additional counter space. You can make the island as large or small as you like and add storage underneath to help alleviate clutter.

7. Utilize Drawers

Most people store silverware in their kitchen drawers, but they can also hold additional items if organized properly. Use that extra space in the drawers for pantry items, spices, and other pieces that clutter the countertop. You can also use drawer organizers if you want to take things to the next level.

8. Add Stackable Storage

Stackable shelves

Stackable storage containers work by maximizing the amount of storage within a small area. These containers are great for small items like spices, coffee, and utensils — and are easy to access whenever you need them.

9. Double Up on Trash

The stovetop is an obvious way to double up on unused counter space, but you can do the same thing over the garbage. Simply build a cutting board that features a trash chute. Lay the cutting board on top of the garbage whenever you are prepping veggies and discard the pieces through the hole. When you’re finished, store the cutting board away for later use.