9 Ways to Take Your Foyer From Good to Great

A white foyer with a staircase and mirror.

As the first part of your home that people see, your foyer can make quite an impression on your visitors. It can either say, “Sorry about that. We’ve been busy,” or “Glad to have you here. Hope you stay a while.”

Whether your entryway is large and spacious or barely there, there are many options you have for making the area welcoming to guests. Before you decide which elements you want to add to your entryway, determine what style you want your guests to see when they first enter your home -- it sets the tone for what to expect in the rest of the house. Whether your style is vintage country, contemporary glamour or eclectic retro, including some staple pieces in your foyer can create an inviting entryway to your home.

1. Coat Hooks

Many foyers have a small closet for storing coats and footwear, however, smaller homes sometimes don't have that convenience. In that case, a coat tree can offer a place to keep your coats and make a statement at the same time. Consider adding one in a vibrant color with ornamental hooks to add personality to the space.

2. Family Pieces

Baby photos on a white bookshelf.

Family photographs, prints from travel adventures, and passed down trinkets are just a few of the items that can add personality to your foyer. They will not only welcome family members home and serve as a reminder of love and memories, but will set apart your home from the outside world to guests.

3. Lighting

Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and even candles help to create a warm ambiance in your entryway. They also serve a practical purpose of providing enough light in the space to see visitors from the outside and for dumping keys, shoes, and mail in the proper places.

4. Floor Coverings

An antique rug on a wood floor.

You can make your foyer more warm and welcoming by laying a floor rug or runner in your foyer. Choose a piece that complements the style and colors of the decor in the space. Don't be afraid to layer rugs for a more unique look.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors serve a practical purpose of providing the opportunity for a last-minute look before dashing out the door. But they will also make the space appear larger. Your reflective wall hanging will be even more effective when you place a lighting element in front of it.

6. Plants

A rubber plant.

Your foyer can become more welcoming with the simple placement of a large floor plant in a corner or a colorful flower arrangement on a shelf or table top. Flower arrangements can change with the seasons as part of your holiday decor, or can even be clippings from plants outside. For houseplants, make sure you have enough sunlight in your entryway for them to thrive.

7. Storage

Umbrella stands, coat hooks, baskets, and credenzas give character to a space and provide places to keep your belongings organized and hidden out of sight.

8. Seating

A foyer with a loveseat and mirror.

Benches and chairs are not only an attractive addition to your foyer, but a practical one as well. Stopping to remove and put on footwear becomes a much easier task when your guests have a seat for support.

9. Wall Coverings

If your home has a small foyer, you can set it off from the rest of your other rooms by adding an accent wall painted in a striking color, ceiling molding, or wainscoting to create a dramatic transition area.