A Complete Flip-Down Monitor Size Guide


Flip-down monitors not only give any car a modern, hip and pimped out look but also provide added entertainment. Think of going on a long road-trip that proves to be boring for instance and having great movies and music videos to watch to kill boredom. Opportunities for the “Are we there yet?” question cease to exist! Flip-down monitors are now being installed in both normal small sized cars popular among the youth and larger SUVs that are used by families.

Choices and Safety

Choosing the right type of flip-down monitor for your personal use can be a complicated decision though. Although the monitors are somewhat versatile, not all sized monitors are meant for all cars. Buying a flip-down monitor that is too big for your car can create hazardous obstructions while driving. Buying one that is too small for a big car cancels out the whole point behind getting a car monitor: quality entertainment in the car.

Flip-down Monitors Sized 5 to 6.5 Inches

These flip-down monitors provide a somewhat large screen size with very good visibility. They are meant for virtually every car on the market because the screen is well-sized but not that big. Being conveniently mounted in almost every car, the small sized monitors do not obstruct the rear-view mirror too! These small sized devices are the most affordable flip-down monitors in the market and are popular around young customers.

Flip-down Monitors Sized 7 Inches

The 7 inch flip-down car monitors are taken as entry level monitors. They come with IR transmitters, remote control and dome lights. These monitors are compatible with any input source and can also be used with wireless headphones. These are again one of the most popular monitors in the market today, being affordable by a lot of people.

Flip-down Monitors Sized 10 to 12 Inches

These flip-downs are usually only fitted into larger SUVs though other cars can use them too. This size gives amazing quality output and is ideal for viewing DVDs or for connecting a gaming system to it to play games in the car. The only drawback is that this size too does not come with a built in DVD system. The DVD system has to be mounted elsewhere in the car and then connected to this monitor.

Flip-down Monitors Sized 20 Inches

These monitors are only suited for large SUVs and can not be fitted in smaller cars. Equipped with built-in DVD players usually, monitors of size 20 inches and above make it super easy to watch movies while traveling on a long road across country. As the DVD system is integrated into the monitor, the whole setup only requires a power source and a good mounting location for easy viewing. This is a top-range flip-down monitor and not everyone can afford it.