A Complete Guide to Auxiliary Adapter Sizes

An auxiliary adapter is a device that enables you to attach one hardware or electrical device to another. However, when it comes to car adapters we find that there are different kinds and sizes that you should consider before buying one. Here are some tips on how to choose your auxiliary adapter that satisfies your needs and which matches your car’s stereo system.

How Does It Function?

Many modern cars are equipped with a mini plug auxiliary port to play simple playback devices such as a common mp3 player or an iPod. You have to simply plug the device into the mini plug socket and press the AUX button to listen through the car’s audio system.

3.5mm Auxiliary Adapter

This size of auxiliary adapter is the most common type of jack used to connect an audio device to the car’s stereo system. Many kinds of portable media players use this size of jack so basically for those people who like to listen to their audio from their portable music device, a 3.5mm AUX adapter will be just enough.

RCA Auxiliary Cable

This type of adapter is able to carry both audio and video signals so it is mostly used to attach video devices, such as portable DVD players to the car’s audio system. This type of connector often consists of three plugs; the yellow one for video signals and the white and red ones for the stereo audio.

Two Piece Auxiliary Car Kits

These car kits are a very simple two piece solution for mounting your mobile phone to you car audio system giving you full control of all its functions from the steering wheel while, at the same time, you can charge your device. This kit consists of a charger that you can attach to your cigarette lighter and a remote control that mounts on your steering wheel. Hence, by attaching your remote to your AUX input on your car stereo and by switching your mobile phone to hands-free mode, you can answer calls from your phone without removing your hands from the steering.

Three Piece Auxiliary Car Kits

The three-piece auxiliary car kits are simply awesome. This type of kit is a combination of a charger, a 3.5mm AUX input cable and a wireless remote control that mounts to your steering wheel. Basically, you have to plug the charger into your cigarette lighter and the AUX cable into your portable media player and into the AUX input on your car stereo. Hence, your mp3 player or iPod will be charging while you are listening to your favorite music. In addition, you can control it by using the remote control attached to your steering wheel without removing your hands from it.

These are some types of auxiliary adapters that you can use in order to install your media devices in your car. Moreover, these adapters are quite cheap and you can easily install them yourself. Additionally, these kind of technologies are rapidly evolving and they can offer a great driving experience by listening to your favorite music while you can remain focused on the road