A Complete Guide to Car Audio Subwoofer Power Options

A car audio subwoofer enhances the richness and the overall sound quality of your car’s audio system. A good subwoofer controls your audio system’s bass production so you get clearer and more powerful sound. There are two ways to power your sub-woofer system, namely, through your car and through an independent power source. A passive subwoofer usually gets power from your car amplifier while an active subwoofer is usually powered via a separate battery or through a computer.

Car Amplifier Powered Subwoofer

A car amplifier powered subwoofer is the most commonly used type of subwoofer and you can find it in most cars around the country. This type of subwoofer is readily available in most car accessories stories both online and offline. There are many subwoofers that produce accurate bass to enhance the sound of your car stereo so take the time to shop around and test some subwoofers.

To set up a passive subwoofer, you will need to wire it to your car’s amplifier. To do this, you need to use a thick power cord to connect your battery to your amp, ground power cable to serve as ground, RCA signal cables and speaker wires. The RCA signal cables connect your head unit to your amplifier while the speaker wires deliver power to the main speakers inside your car.

Before you attempt to install your subwoofer, disconnect the power from your car audio system to avoid accidents. If your amplifier is connected in the front of your car, take the power cable and run it through the opening on the driver’s side then connect it to the amplifier. On the other hand, if your amplifier is inside the trunk at the back of your car, take the power cable and run it through the plastic molding on the side of your car towards the back but do not bring the power cable too close to the speaker wires or there will be sound distortions. Connect the power cable to the amplifier then use a metal bolt or screw to secure the ground wire.

After connecting your power cable, locate the wire at the back of your head unit then connect the RCA connectors and the remote to it. Once your RCA connectors are secure, take the wire from the speakers to your amplifier then connect it to the amplifier. If you are using a box type amplifier, bolt the box into the trunk of your car after connecting all the necessary wires and cables to the amplifier. On the other hand, if you are using a tube mounted amplifier, use a leather or metal strap to hold the tube in place.

Active Powered Subwoofer

Active powered subwoofers are commonly used both on home theaters and on cars. There are many car audio systems that are equipped with built-in amplifiers that work as active subwoofers. To power up your active subwoofers, simply connect the subwoofers to the battery or independent power supply then enjoy your music.