A Complete Guide to Car Microphone Placement and Mounting Options

microphone mounted near the sun visor in a car

One of the many auxiliary components that people like to put in their vehicles is a car microphone. A car microphone is a great way to talk with people outside, practice a small speech, or just sing along with your favorite song. Installing a car microphone is not a difficult project, but does require a little knowledge of wiring and car stereo installation. The hardest part of the process in installing a car stereo is the actual placement of the car microphone.

Different Options to Choose from

auxiliary jack

When installing a car microphone you have two options to choose from. You can choose a plug and play installation where you simply use the microphone when you want it. This way you can unplug the microphone from the auxiliary jack and place it away in a glove compartment when not in use. The other option is to mount it permanently in a position where you can use it easily at any moment. Some car microphones are connected through a Bluetooth integration for use in hands-free talking on cell phones or recording your notes for a meeting. However, the problem of location is still an issue. Here are some places where you can mount your car microphone.

On the Dashboard

The most obvious position for any type of auxiliary device, and especially a car microphone, is on the dashboard itself. You can mount it on top of the dash near the steering wheel, within one of the empty slots, or use the mounting hardware anywhere that you find a place.

On the Visor

If you have a clip on type of microphone that is connected wirelessly through Bluetooth, the best position is on the visor above your head. This will only work if it is not so heavy that it continually puts too much load on the visor causing it to fall in your face. If the microphone is flat, and small enough to stay out of your way, then the visor is a great choice for positioning your microphone.

On the Steering Wheel

steering wheel

Another location that many people overlook is on the steering wheel itself. It is really a great location as the microphone will be right in front of your mouth and you do not have to look anywhere but straight ahead to talk into it. You have to be careful that it is not in the place where your hands go when steering. The top of your steering wheel, mounted with a clamp, will make sure that it is not in the way.

On the Headliner

If you do a lot of dictating, or hands free talking while you drive you can look into having a small microphone installed into the headliner of your vehicle. This can be a flip down ambient mic that picks up your voice as you talk, or a mic that hangs down from a thin cord.

Clip onto Clothes

A simple car microphone is one that plugs into an auxiliary jack on your car stereo and clips to your clothing. This is the easiest to install and use as you do not have anything obstructing your view, and can talk naturally without having to bend your head, or look away from the road.