A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Cover Sizes

One of the best ways to protect your motorcycle from the elements while you're not driving it is to purchase and use a motorcycle cover. A motorcycle cover is generally a piece of heavy fabric or other material that goes over the top of the motorcycle. This serves to protect it from scratches, vandalism and other things that may cause damage. One of the best things to do if you tend to go for several weeks or months at a time in between drives is to use the motorcycle cover regularly. Read on for a guide on how to select the proper motorcycle cover size for your bike.

General Cover Information

Traditionally, covers for motorcycles come in 3 different sizes. These are usually classified as M (medium), L (large) and XL (extra large). If you have a special or custom designed motorcycle that is particularly small or large, you may not find that any of these standard sizes work for you. However, most motorcycles that exist on the market today will fall into one of these 3 categories.

Medium Covers

Medium covers are useful for bikes that tend to be situated at the smaller end of the spectrum. These include the following types of motorcycles: Buell, Honda 250 Rebel, Honda ST 1300, Honda VFR and VTR, KTM, and other bikes of similar sizes. In some of these cases, a medium-sized cover will not fit properly. For instance, if you have saddle bags along the side of the motorcycle, or if you have any add-ons like a windshield, exhaust pipes or other items of these types, you may find that you'll need a larger motorcycle cover.

Large Covers

Large covers will work for the majority of most bikes. These include the following brands and models: BMW F800 and 650, most Ducati bikes, Honda CBR, CR and VTX models, Ironhorse, most Kawasaki models (except for the Vulcan), most Suzuki models (except for Boulevard models), most Triumph models, and Yamaha FJR and FZ models. Again, if you have a sissy bar, any saddle bags, a windshield, an exhaust pipe or any other add-ons to your large size motorcycle, you'll probably need to upgrade to an extra large motorcycle cover in order to find the perfect fit.

Extra Large Covers

Most other motorcycles that haven't been listed here require an extra large cover. These include virtually all of the Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Kawasaki Vulcan, the Suzuki Boulevard, some Triumph bikes, and a few of the Yamaha models.

In order to be sure that the motorcycle cover that you buy will work properly, it's a good idea to measure it out first. This will help you to gauge exactly how big the cover must be in order to properly protect the bike itself. You can also speak with someone who owns the same type of bike as you for additional advice. Most motorcycle mechanics and repair specialists are also very knowledgeable about this type of question as well.