A Complete List of Blender Parts

a blender full of food

The blender looks to be a simple kitchen device but there are a series of blender parts that make the unit work efficiently and quietly. There are not many parts to a blender that make it an ideal kitchen gadget and, on top of that, they are not complex in their design or function. This article will go over the standard blender parts and their uses in the function of the blender.

1. Blender Jar

This is the receptacle into which the ingredients are placed. The blender jar sits snugly or locks in place on top of the main base which houses the motor and blade assembly. The bottom of the blender jar is open to allow the blade access to do its job. Though many blender jars are made of glass they can also be plastic and metal. Your more high-end blenders will have blender jars made from tempered glass as well as having measurement markings on the side.

2. Blender Jar Lid

The jar lid covers the top of the blender jar allowing you to safely operate the blender without your ingredients exploding from the jar. The lid is generally plastic or glass and usually has a rubber stopper attached to form a tight seal.

3. Jar Lid Center Cap

The center cap is that small plastic thing found in the center of the lid. It helps to keep liquids in but also allows you to add ingredients easily while the blender is running.

4. Blender Blade Cutter

blender blade

The blender blade cutter is the stainless steel blade that does all of the crushing, stirring, pureeing and anything else your blender functions do. The blade itself is made out of stainless steel and though it looks complicated it really is not. Basically, you are looking at two pieces of metal that form a cross with each end bent at an angle. Each blade has an end which is angled up and the other side is angled down. When the blade rotates it pushes the ingredients upward from the bottom of the blender, grinding continually until the desired consistency is reached. The blade is attached to the motor with a bolt or screw to ensure it stays in one place.

5. O-Ring Seal

This is a flat piece of rubber that sits between the blender blade cutter and blender jar. It creates a seal so that food particles and moisture do not get inside the motor and cause damage. These are also very cheap to replace.

6. Bottom Screw Cap

The bottom screw cap is important to the proper functioning of a blender. The bottom screw cap is what holds the blender blade cutter in place during operation. Without this piece the blade would simply fly off the motor. It is made out of one piece of molded plastic.

7. Blender Rubber Drive Clutch

Made out of rubber, this rests on top of the motor and on the bottom of the blade assembly.

8. Motor

This is hidden in the base of the blender.