A Complete List of Cooktop Parts

Knobs on the front of an oven
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If repairing appliances is within your comfort zone, you may find yourself looking for cooktop parts at some point.

This handy, complete list of general cooktop parts outlines all the different parts of your cooktop stove you can update or replace as needed.

In order to find specific parts, you will need to look them up using the model number for your cooktop stove.

1. Oven Heating Elements

Both the baking element and the broil element for your oven are available should you ever need to replace them.

The baking element is the bottom heating part inside your oven and the broil element is the top heating part.

2. Thermometers and Thermostats

Oven thermometers measure the temperature inside your oven.

A thermostat is usually a sensor probe of some kind that keeps the oven temperature consistent.

3. Light Bulbs and Receptacles

Oven door partially open

If your oven light stops working, it may simply need a new light bulb. However, it may also need a new light bulb receptacle. These are usually made of ceramic so they can withstand oven temperatures.

4. Gaskets and Hinges

The oven door gasket plays a very important role in keeping the heat inside the oven.

A worn out or damaged gasket will allow heat to escape, thus causing the oven to heat or cook unevenly. The gasket is typically made from woven silicone fabric or heat resistant rubber.

Oven door hinges can also wear out over time. If you can‘t make your oven door open more smoothly with a little lubricating oil, it may be time for new hinges.

5. Terminal Blocks and Surface Elements

The surface elements on an electric range may also need to be replaced from time to time. They wear out with heavy use and also get damaged by oils and other substances burning on them.

In addition to the surface elements, the terminal blocks for each burner may also need to be replaced. The terminal blocks are essentially the plug-in for the surface elements.

6. Drip Pans, Clocks, and Controls

stove in a kitchen

You are probably familiar with range drip pans. Keeping them clean is time consuming and you might be better off just replacing them from time to time.

For the electronically minded, replacing the clocks and the burner and oven controls is also possible. Parts are available to replace the whole control or if you just need to replace the knobs.

7. Touch-Up Paint

The range surface in particular, but other surfaces of your range may get scratched or dinged from constant use. The stovetop is also susceptible to burns and discoloration, as well.

Fortunately, touch-up paint for all standard models is available to keep your range looking almost like new.

From oven elements and sensors to drip pans and touch-up paint, if you are repairing appliances in your home, this guide will get you started.