A Complete List of Dishwasher Parts

inside of a dishwasher
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Many dishwasher parts combine to make your dishwasher run smoothly. Each part is essential. The following list is an accumulation of the main components and does not include external wiring or pipes.

Main Tub

The main tub is a large tub that holds a majority of a dishwasher’s parts.

Upper Rack and Upper Rack Support

The upper rack is the second rack in the machine. The upper rack support keeps the rack steady and balanced.

Wash Impeller or Pump Impeller

The wash impeller is found inside the pump assembly, beneath the pump housing cover.

Lower Wash Arm Spray or Spray Tube

This is often part of the lower dish rack.

Macerator or Soft Food Disposer Blade and the Macerator Spring

The macerator is also found inside the pump assembly. It shreds small food particles, allowing them to be pumped out of the machine. The macerator spring allows the macerator to have a little give, preventing damage to the pump.

Drain Impeller and the Drain Impeller or Motor Shaft Seal

The drain impeller pushes the water out of the machine when it drains. The seal, found under the drain impeller prevents the machine from leaking water.

Thermostat or Temperature Limiter

The thermostat is found on the underside of the main tub or inside the door panel and regulates the heater.

Thermal Fuse

This piece is mounted to the bottom of the main tub. Its main purpose is to prevent the heater from overheating.

Float Bulb

The float bulb is found in a front corner of the machine. If the machine overflows the bulb begins to float, which activates a switch to turn off the water.

Float Switch

This switch is found under the float bulb and activates when the bulb is lifted off of it.

Lower Rack

open dishwasher with the racks pulled out

This is the bottom dish rack in the machine.

Silverware Basket

This basket can be located in the lower rack or on the inside of the door.

Spray Tower

This part is often part of the lower rack and is easily replaced.

Inner Door Panel or Door Insert

This door panel can hold the rinse insert, detergent dispenser or silverware basket.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

This dispenser is located on the inside door. Its purpose is to dispense rinse water softener during the last rinse cycle.

Detergent Dispenser Door

This door allows the user to dispense the detergent before the machine is turned on.

Motor Assembly or Pump and Motor Assembly

The motor assembly can be found between the pump and the wash arm

Cycle Selector Switch

This switch is found on the control panel and allows the user to select which cycle will be the most efficient for each load.

Door Latch and Door Switch

The door latch is often integrated with the door switch. If these parts are not working, your machine is not likely to start.


The timer is found on the control panel or behind the lower kick panel. It controls each of the dishwasher’s cycles.

Control Panel and Control Panel Insert

dishwasher control panel

These are found above the front door panel and are used to control the entire machine.

Kick Panel and Kick Panel Insert

These are located beneath the front door panel.

Leveling Leg

The leveling leg adjusts to align the dishwasher with the kitchen cabinets.

Water Intake Valve

This valve is located behind the kick panel.

Motor or Start Relay

This relay, located behind the kick panel, routes power to the motor.