A Complete List of Essential Go Kart Engine Parts

a red go kart

A high-powered go kart engine, a skilled driver and an aerodynamic frame coupled with a will to win could have you racing at the top of the go kart world. Racing a go kart is a fun-filled hobby that is done by thousands of people all across the country. Go karts can be bought and then modified having the go kart engine super charged or the suspension tweaked. You can skip this buying and modifying by building your own go kart from scratch as many racers do. There are some very essential parts that make a go kart go and this article will list them for you.

Go Kart Engine

If you have a great go kart engine then you're already halfway home to having a great go kart. Many go kart builders will salvage engines from riding lawnmowers because they have enough torque to be used as a perfect go kart engine. Other go kart enthusiasts will use motorcycle engines as well as engines from small cars. There are also go kart engines built specifically for the hobby. If the engine will fit within the frame then it can be a go kart engine.


The go kart frame is the most important part after the go kart engine. The go kart engine and the rest of the go kart need to have someplace to go. Stock frames can be purchased or you can build your own. Making a frame will increase your control over the size and contour of the go kart.


The suspension is dropped into the frame and serves to provide the rider with control as well as to protect the go kart. With the wrong suspension you can bottom out or flip the go kart. It is a good idea to buy suspensions made specifically for the go kart hobby.

Steering Assembly

Racing a go kart is like racing any other vehicle. You need speed to get going and to keep going, a good suspension so the go kart stays on the ground and a decent frame so that the go kart will not be too heavy. A quality steering assembly needs to be installed. It needs to be completely reactive to your actions so that you can remain competitive.

Centrifugal Clutch

This can be an aftermarket touch to your go kart but can be essential to the success of your vehicle. When your go kart engine hits a certain RPM this device goes to work and acts like a continuous variable transmission. When properly tuned the clutch keeps the engine at optimum torque.

Torque Converter

This is a modified fluid coupler which converts rotating power from the go kart engine into a driven load. A torque converter replaces a mechanical clutch. The load is essentially removed from the source of power.


Go kart races can take place on dirt tracks or pavement. Each of these surfaces requires tires meant for each making tires essential to your go kart. Larger tires with deep tread for off road and general racing tires for pavement.