A Guide To Spacing Curtain Rings Correctly

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 3-15
What You'll Need
Curtain Rods
Curtain Rings

The manner in which curtain rings are spaced can make all the difference to the finished look of curtains and the way that they hang. Accordingly, it is important that this process is carried out correctly.

Number of Rings

The number of curtain rings that you use is important to ensure that the curtains are spaced properly. You should also obtain an even number so that each curtain panel uses the same number of rings.

Measure for Even Spacing

Lay the curtain panel out on a large flat surface and place curtain rings along the edge so that they look equally spaced. This will provide a good starting point to allow you to measure the distance between each one and ensure that the lengths are uniform, mark the points by fitting curtain hooks.

More Rings for Heavier Curtains

Keep in mind the weight of the curtains when deciding how many curtain rings are required. You should use an appropriate number to comfortably bear the weight.

Rail Span

The length of the curtain rail must be considered when deciding how many curtain rings are necessary to hang your curtains correctly. Extra rings will be required for a curtain rail that is longer than average length to ensure that the top of the curtain doesn’t drape enough to create a gap.