A Feng Shui Color Guide for Your Home

Feng shui design suggests using color to balance energy in the home. Feng shui believes that this can be done by incorporating the five elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, into the home. Each element is assigned colors, an area (north, south, east, west), and life goals. A bagua map can be consulted as a visual blueprint of the following design principles that can be used to determine what colors to assign to certain rooms in your home. Besides incorporating the assigned colors, try to incorporate symbols of the element itself into the decor of the room or rooms.

Fire – Reds

The element of fire symbolizes passion and energy and all that you can achieve through pouring your energy into life's greatest passions. Fire is the assigned the direction South. When possible, build fireplaces, heaters and wood-burning stoves on southern-facing wall in your home. The fire element should also be expressed by decorating with red, pink, orange, purple and strong yellow in the northeast and southwest areas of your home.

Earth - Yellows and Beiges

The element of earth symbolizes nourishment, stability and good health. It is assigned the direction northeast and southwest, but should also be strongly emphasized in the center of your home. Earth's colors are light yellow and lighter shades of brown, like beige. Balancing and expressing the earth element in your home will aid in nourishing and stabilizing good relationships.

Metal - White and Greys

Metal is the feng shui element that symbolizes clarity, efficiency and precision. It is assigned the direction west and northwest. Feng shui principles also suggest using it in the north areas of your home and office. Metal also expresses creativity and children. It is assigned the color white and grey. Balancing the element of metal can help to achieve lightness of mind and being.

Water - Black and Blues

Water is a very important element in feng shui that is used to bring refreshment, calm and a general feeling of well-being. It symbolizes abundance and is often expressed by the use of fountains. If you don't want or can't afford to purchase a small fountain, consider using a bowl of water with floating blue and black silk flowers or an aquarium with blue and black fish. Water is assigned the direction of north. Decorate with blues, black and water in the north areas of your home, but also in the east and southeast. Water is a sign of abundance, and ancient Chinese beliefs suggest that the addition of this element can bring wealth and good fortune.

Wood - Greens and Browns

The feng shui element of wood symbolizes strength, growth, health and vitality. It also used to show reverence to ancestors and family. It is assigned the direction of east and southeast. Using greens and browns and wood furniture, trim and decor in the southern and eastern parts of your home will balance out the wood element and bring strength and growth to your family. Wood is also a sign of abundance, and it can be used as a cure for bad luck, bringing prosperity to your home.

Balance the elements of feng shui by bringing many shades of color into your home!