A Green Alternative: Bamboo Bathroom Flooring

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Bamboo is increasingly becoming a popular material for bathroom floors. It is quite in tune with the preference for green alternatives. Ecologically responsible choices are now the norm. Bamboo comes with several benefits, described below.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo makes a good choice for the environmentally conscious. The tree-like tropical grass replenishes itself every few years in the forests. It is one of the rare species of plants that remains in abundance despite frequent use. It extends as far as 60-feet. Once harvested, the same plant will reproduce to maturity in five years. The plant can be harvested over and over, yet still reproduce. Compare that to other hardwoods which take up to 25 years to mature. Once harvested, you cannot be certain of their regeneration. Most hardwoods, once felled, will die away.


Bamboo is suitably hard for flooring purposes. It is stronger than many of the hardwoods available. Bamboo is highly resilient in the bathroom. it is moisture resistant, which makes it less likely to warp, hence its suitability for bathroom flooring. Bamboo also has a higher density than most hardwoods, which adds to its moisture-resistant properties. It can withstand frequent bathroom spills and splashes. Bamboo does not easily rot, cup, or dent due to its hardness. Bamboo also enjoys a strong resistance to insects.

Easy to Maintain

Bamboo flooring is among the easiest materials to clean and maintain. Use bathroom mats to minimize spills and mop excess water. A mild detergent will efficiently eliminate dirt and stains from the bathroom floor. Avoid harsh, abrasive cleansers. They could damage your bamboo floor. With simple maintenance, your bamboo floor will keep in good shape for up to 10 years.


Bamboo is a cost-effective choice for your bathroom floor. You can obtain it for considerably less than most other flooring materials. It is also a fairly straightforward material to install. You do not need to hire a professional to install it. Installation instructions are fairly easy to follow. Given its resilience and durability, bamboo makes a sound choice in the financial long run.


A variety of options are available for bamboo flooring. Canes from bamboo are split, then flattened. They are further processed into strips, tiles, or planks of laminated bamboo for flooring purposes. Bamboo can be held down by staples, glue, nails, or simply floated. You can choose to have it installed horizontally, vertically, or woven. Engineered construction is also available.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bamboo is uniquely attractive in appearance. The natural blend of darker and lighter bands easily distinguishes it from other hardwoods. Bamboo grain is tightly set, which adds to its resilience and aesthetic appeal.