A Guide to Bamboo Flooring Transition Pieces

When you are looking for a nice looking hardwood floor to go into your home, then bamboo flooring is something that you will want to take a look at. This great looking hardwood floor is used in a lot of homes today because of its natural resistance to water, humidity, and damage from dropping objects. As with any type of hardwood floor you are going to need to also install some pieces that help make the transition to a carpet, stairs, or another tile surface.

One question that is asked is what kind of transition pieces are available for bamboo flooring. Here is a short guide of pieces that are common to bamboo flooring that you can use to go from room to room.

Bamboo T-Mold Transition Piece

This is the common transition piece that will take you from one room to another. When you have a bamboo floor that is going to transition into a kitchen, or a bathroom, that has a tile or vinyl flooring, you will probably be looking a installing a T-Mold transition piece.

Bamboo Reducers

A reducer is a piece that is placed in the transition from a bamboo flooring to a floor covering that is a lower surface. With this piece you will be able to make a transition into an entry foyer, or a kitchen that has a vinyl covering. If the floors are more of the same height, then the above T-mold piece will be better suited for it.

Bamboo Threshold

When you are coming to a stop to your bamboo flooring, at a door or even sliding glass doors, you will want to use a stop like a bamboo threshold. This makes a beautiful stopping point to the floor and gives is a great finished look.

Bamboo Stair Nose

When you have a set of stairs that are going down from the level of the one that the bamboo flooring is on, you will need to use something like the stair nose transition molding. This has a small lip to it that gives the floor a finished look that is consistent with the stairs below. You would also use this type of transition piece when you have bamboo flooring on your stair landing.

Bamboo Stair Tread

For a more unified look to your stairs, landing, and upper level, you can use a stair tread that is the flooring you can use a bamboo style stair tread to a seamless transition from level to level. These can be in either a full tread with a rounded nose, or just as the nose portion.

Quarter Round

The floor to floor transition is not the only type of transition that you will find in your home. There is also the sort of transition that takes you from floor to wall. With these transitions you want to have something that will give a definite end to the wall and show where the wall starts. A quarter round transition is a small piece of molding that has a small rounded edge that will fit right into the corner. They make great transitions from floor to wall, or floor to cabinets.