A Guide to Buying Noise Barriers for Your Room

Noise barriers provide a buffer for sound that might travel either from or into your living space. There are several different kinds of noise barriers or soundproofing materials you can purchase to place in a room to muffle sound.

Dual and triple pane windows can act as sound barriers in a room space. Single pane windows often allow sound to travel easily through the glass. However, two or three layers of glass provide a baffle for the sound, preventing it from traveling.

Another type of window that protects from sound traveling is a soundproof window. These windows have framing that contains foam that protects sound from traveling either from the room it into it.

Another method of soundproofing is to add padding to walls. For many homeowners or renters, this is an affordable alternative that is much more accessible than replacing windows.

You can place an egg crate foam mattress pad against a wall and create a noise barrier. Place the flat surface of the pad against the wall and tack or staple it into place with the crate surface facing outward. The deeper the cups in the crate surface, the more sound will be caught and muffled.