A Guide to Choosing the Right Motorcycle Windshield

A motorcycle windshield is a practical accessory to any motorcycle. It allows for better aerodynamics and blocks wind from directly hitting your face and affecting your driving. It also shields you from bugs that can get into your eyes if you are not wearing goggles. However, an inappropriate windshield can lessen your field of vision and block your line of sight. Hence, when shopping for a motorcycle windshield, you need to take some considerations in order to get the right one.

Motorcycle Windshield Height

The height of a motorcycle windshield is essential for driving properly. If it is too short, it will not be able to do its job, which is to block off wind, flying debris, rocks and bugs. On the other hand, a motorcycle windshield that is too tall would block your vision with the various splatters that dirt and bugs will create on its front surface. In both of these instances, the windshield will do the opposite of what is expected from it. Windshields are supposed to improve the conditions for you, not worsen it. If you install a motorcycle windshield that is in line with your sight, you will have to stretch or hunch down in order to see better. Both of these actions will cause additional stress and physical discomforts for you. These can take your mind off of the road, increasing the risk accidents.

Motorcycle Windshield Tint

Your safety may also depend on the tint of your motorcycle windshield. If it is too dark, it will affect your vision in low light driving conditions. It will also affect your sight when you drive through smog or fog. However, with little or no tint, your ability to see clearly under the glare of the sun will be affected. Glares off the street hitting the motorcycle windshield at a right angle can also blind you and cause you to veer off the road or into oncoming traffic. Hence, you should always check on the tint of a motorcycle windshield you are considering in order to prevent injury to yourself and to others on the road. If you can, test the windshield under driving conditions. This will allow you to judge its efficiency better than just looking through it at the store.

Motorcycle Windshield Material

The material that is used for a motorcycle windshield is also another factor for safety. If it breaks off easily, it could shatter even from a single hit of a small object. Even a small crack on your windshield happening while you are driving can cause you to veer off course momentarily, possibly running off the road or hitting other vehicles.

State Requirements

Most jurisdictions in the country requires motorcycle windshields to be shatter proof, so you should always check with your local codes in addition to checking the features of a particular motorcycle windshield model. It would not do to install the perfect design and then have yourself flagged down by the local highway patrol for non compliance to the local traffic code.