A Guide to Choosing Your Scooter Tires

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Choosing scooter tires is trickier than many people imagine. Wheel and tire size can have great impact on the way a scooter handles and it’s vital to choose the right tires for the make and model of scooter, as well as for the way it’s going to be used. There’s a wide range of scooter tires on the market, although not all manufacturers will make all sizes, which can restrict the options to a degree.


Scooter tire size depends on the size of the wheel on the scooter. Although it’s feasible to change the wheel size on a scooter there are only a small number of options on the market, and most scooter owners prefer to keep to stock sizes. In virtually every case there’s only a single size of wheel available for each model of scooter.

In each size of scooter tire there are only a few different tires available. The fact that manufacturers don’t all offer tires in every size for scooters brings even more restriction of choice for buyers. To add to that, tires are made specifically for front or rear wheels. That means you shouldn’t use a scooter tire made for the rear wheel on the front wheel for safety.


The wheel sizes on scooters can go from 8 inches right up to 16 inches in their diameter. The smaller the wheel the greater the maneuverability of the machine, although it won’t go particularly fast. The larger wheeled scooters are intended to move at quicker speeds.

Obviously, if there’s more weight on the scooter, usually in the form of a pillion passenger, this is going to affect the handling of a scooter. If you’re regularly going to carry more weight on the scooter, pay attention to the weight ratings of different tires before you buy. Think about how you use your scooter and how you use it before buying tires. If it’s mostly around town then you should buy tires that use good tread and allow for excellent maneuverability. If you tend to cover long distances on the scooter, choose tires that offer good durability.


Even more than motorcycles, scooter tires are prone to the dangers of potholes. That’s especially true of scooters with smaller wheels. Those with larger wheels tend to be somewhat safer. A bad pothole can blow out your scooter tire if it’s not strong enough and be the cause of an accident. A scooter tire with good tread for urban areas can save you many problems.


Most of the major tire manufacturers produce scooter tires. If you have a preferred brand, check those first, although make sure you’re buying the correct size for your machine and the correct style of tire for the driving you do. Talk to friends who drive scooters to learn what types of scooter tires they recommend. They might have a favored brand that you’d never considered, but which will work very well on your scooter and for your type of driving.