A Guide to Homemade Orthopedic Dog Beds

What You'll Need
Fleece Fabric
Sewing Tools
Wicker Basket (for puppies)

Homemade orthopedic dog beds are cheaper to make compared to buying ready-made luxurious dog beds. Dogs, like humans, love to sleep in comfortable surfaces that prevent them from having musculoskeletal aches or sores. That is the reason they usually sleep in couches, chairs or beds with cushion. If the dog does not have its own bed, then it is high time to make an orthopedic dog bed. Here are some ideas.

Step 1 – Designing the Orthopedic Beds

The bed can be designed in many shapes – square, rectangle, oval, or even bone shaped. After coming up with a design, measure the length of the dog. This will provide an estimate on how big the bed needs to be. For example, if the dog measures approximately 2 feet in length, a rectangular bed can have dimensions of 3x1.5 square feet. If it is an oval bed, the length should also be at least 3 feet. When coming up with the length of the bed, make sure to add at least six to 12 inches to the dog’s length.

Step 2 – Choosing Pillows and Fleece Fabric

Pillows can be used as stuffing for the bed. They do not need to be expensive. They can be very simple, but just make sure that they are comfortable enough to provide good cushion. Use two or three pillows depending on the size of the bed to be made. Instead of pillows, cushions can also be used as an alternative. The good thing about cushions is that they can be shaped into almost anything.

The fleece fabric will be used as the covering for the bed. Notice that there are many different styles and designs of fleece fabric in the market. Make sure to buy creative designs that fit the color and breed of the dog. In addition, the fleece fabric should also be enough to cover the entire surface area of stuffing.

Step 3 – Making the Bed

Place two or three pillows side by side and sew them in the middle if necessary. When using a cushion instead, cut it to the correct size and shape that matches initial bed design. Now prepare the fleece covering by cutting two sheets of fleece fabric of equal size and shape. Make sure that the fleece covering is given an additional allowance of four inches on all sides so it can accommodate the entire stuffing.

Lay the two sheets on top of each other and sew all the three sides together, leaving the fourth one open. If the covering forms an oval shape, make sure to leave enough space for the stuffing to enter into. Place the pillows or the cushion inside the sewed fleece fabric cover and allow it to conform to the shape. Afterwards, sew the entire fleece fabric cover completely. Call the dog and train it to use the bed instead of the couches or the chairs.