A Guide to Identifying Parts of a Toilet Tank

Inside of a toilet tank

The tank is among the two main components that form a tank toilet. It is connected and housed on the rear of the toilet bowl and contains mechanisms that force water into the bowl. The action allows water flow to flush waste through the toilet bowl and water trap. The tank of a toilet bowl has several parts that are usually unknown to the average person.

1. Intake Valve

Water enters the toilet tank through the intake valve. A water supply pipe feeds the intake valve, which allows the toilet bowl to fill with water. The valve is linked to the refill tube of the bowl, which is responsible for refilling the tank with water after every flush. The tube is located above the overflow pipe. Water that is in the overflow pipe is channeled to the toilet bowl, which is then drained.

2. Flushing

blue dye inside toilet tank

The tank flushing mechanism is mostly inside the toilet tank, with the handle being the only piece outside the tank. Once you push the handle down, the lift arm raises. A metal chain connects to the flapper, which is located on the opening at the tank base. Once this flapper is lifted, water inside the tank flows with a strong force into the bowl, flushing its contents into the waste line.

3. Ballcock Assembly

The ballcock assembly is linked to the intake valve and set at a specific water level height. The end of the assembly is connected to a float, which rises with the water level as the tank fills up with water. Once the right level is achieved, the ballcock assembly stops the water flowing into the toilet.

4. Toilet Base Tank Connection

man's hands inside a toilet tank

There is a large extension hole located on the exterior, into which water flows. A large rubber gasket is fitted around the hole extension. The bolts which pass through the tank base secure the tank in place. These bolts go through the two holes on the topmost part of the toilet base rear. Nuts are then used to secure the bolts from the underside. You will also find the water feeding line linked to the water feed under the toilet tank.

5. Toilet Bowl Connection

The bowl is the part of the unit that you use when you go to the toilet. It is linked to the flange, which is linked to the closet bent pipe drain. The flange is set on the same level as the toilet floor. You will find it fitted with holes to accommodate the bolts for the toilet bowl. A wax ring is utilized in order to make the toilet flange and seat connection airtight.