A Guide to Painting Resin Outdoor Furniture

Resin outdoor furniture is popular in many homes. You’re sure to spot it in patios and poolside areas. It is one of the more appropriate furniture types for outdoor settings. The furniture is simple, yet adds a luxurious touch to the setting. Maintaining resin furniture doesn’t take much. Other than general cleaning you may also want to paint it for a different look. This will save you from spending on a new set. Below are some guidelines.

Clean Furniture First

Thorough cleaning is a first step before any painting can be done. Cleaning removes much of the dust, dirt and grime that may have attached to the furniture. It is important that you use appropriate cleaning products for an effective job. It also helps preserve the condition of your resin furniture. Well cleaned furniture assures you of a better job during painting. When dirty furniture is painted, the final outcome is sure to reflect color smudges or uneven tones due to the underlying dirt. Much of the surface dirt can be cleared with the help of a vacuum. You can then use an ammonia-based cleaner to get rid of stubborn dirt. Alternatively, you can use a mild detergent and warm water. A rag or soft bristled brush will help achieve a more thorough wash. Be sure to wash underneath the furniture, as well as inner corners. Rinse the furniture well with clear water to remove any soap residues. Wipe with a soft rag to blot away all water. For complete drying it is best to leave the furniture in the open for a couple of hours.


Apply a primer onto the furniture before you paint. It will enable more effective bonding of the paint and resin. Spray the primer evenly on all areas to be painted. Allow it to dry for the stated time.

Spray Paint

Before you begin painting you’ll need to protect the surrounding areas from paint droplets. Spread a large drop cloth on adjacent areas. It is best to use acrylic spray paint for outdoor use. Apply the spray in thin layers. This allows the paint to set in more effectively on the furniture. About three coats are needed to completely cover the furniture. Once you complete application of one coat, allow sufficient time to dry before you apply a subsequent coat. Use a sweeping motion when painting, working from left to right. It will prevent runs in the paint. For areas you don’t want painted, painter’s tape will come in handy. Stick the tape on such areas to protect from over-spray. You will have to spray from several angles to achieve a smooth coverage. To achieve a decorative effect, you can combine two or more colors on the furniture pieces. Legs can bear a different color from the rest of the furniture for contrast.


Apply a clear coat once painting is complete. This adds a shine to your resin outdoor furniture. It also helps protect the furniture so that you need not repaint soon.