A Guide to Patterned Carpet

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Installing patterned carpet in your home can provide you with a very beautiful look, and a focal point for any room. However, when dealing with patterned carpets, things work a bit differently than dealing with a traditional carpet. Here are the basics of patterned carpets and what you should know about them.

Patterned Carpet

One of the most popular styles of carpet today is patterned carpet. Patterns can be installed in carpet in two different ways. It could be a print, which means that the pattern is based upon colors. It could also be a textured pattern that is accomplished by different heights or varying textures in the carpet.

Carpets have every type of pattern imaginable. There are many floral patterns and carpets as well as geometric patterns. In today's market, geometric patterns are growing in popularity and are utilized by those hoping to achieve a contemporary look. A carpet pattern can be very subtle and hardly noticeable, or it can be very loud and attention-getting.


When dealing with patterned carpets, it is good to have a general idea of the costs involved. As a rule, patterned carpet is going to be more expensive than any other type of carpet that you could get. The process of making patterned carpet is very involved and requires more processes than does making a traditional carpet. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay more money if you want a pattern look. Many customers go into carpet stores and expect to be able to pay nothing for the most beautiful pattern that they have ever seen on a carpet. Just be prepared for a little bit higher cost on this type of material.

Pattern Match

One thing that you will have to consider when looking at patterned carpets is the pattern match of the carpet. A pattern match allows you to match up the pattern exactly where you have a seam in the carpet. Each carpet will have a different length and width match that you have to abide by if you want it to look good. Otherwise, your pattern will not match up and you will be able to notice a difference in the two pieces of carpet. As a result of this pattern match, you should expect to buy more carpets. If you are dealing a whole house in carpet, you should expect to buy considerably more because of the pattern match. Buying an extra 20 to 30% because of the pattern match is not out of the question. Therefore, if someone from the carpet store measures your house and tells you that you have to buy more carpet than you thought, do not be surprised.


If you have someone else install the carpet for you, be prepared to pay a little more for installation. Matching a carpet pattern can be very difficult and usually requires an expert's touch. Since it will take more time for them, they will usually charge accordingly.