A Guide to Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Power

A screw drive garage door opener is the simplest, and often most reliable, option for a powered door opener. Also known as direct drive systems, these types of openers have the fewest moving parts and are the easiest to install from among the three main options for openers.

Advantages Over Other Drive Systems

Whereas chain- or belt-driven systems require maintenance of numerous gears, pulleys, and other parts to prevent breakdown, screw-driven systems consist of a single threaded steel rod: the giant "screw" from which the system draws its name. In the most common configuration, the rod is rotated by the motor, while the door is attached to the rod and is raised or lowered depending on the direction the screw is turned.

Screw-driven systems are often slightly louder than belt drives (though quieter than chain-driven systems), but their longevity, ease of installation and maintenance, and smooth operation easily make up for any small amount of additional noise. Further, they are less prone to seizing or breaking in extreme weather conditions, particularly in very prolonged cold (which can be quite detrimental to belt drive performance).

Installation and Cost

Perhaps the best part about screw-driven systems is that, because they are so simple, they are often the cheapest to purchase. When installing a system yourself, however, be sure that the drive system you are installing is rated to handle the full weight of your garage door. Do-it-yourself systems can often be found for around $200, and professionally built and installed systems can be found for under $500.

In short, screw-driven systems are often the best option for nearly any garage door application. Whether youre looking for a simple installation, easy maintenance, or nothing more than a reliable system, a screw drive is usually the way to go.