A Guide to Toggle Settings for Your Flip-Down Monitor

If you are considering installing a flip down monitor in your vehicle, you will have a variety of options for input sources. You can choose to hook up your monitor to a mobile DVD player, a stereo head unit that supports DVD playback (a few newer ones do) or even a computer. This article will address some of the options you have and methods of toggling settings for input source playback.

The Conventional Multi-Wire Method

Perhaps the most conventional way of adding multiple inputs to any type of monitor is to simply use RCA cables and connect them to the various input connectors on the monitor. The same applies to flip down monitors that support more than one input. Many newer flip down monitors that are installed in vehicles support almost as many inputs as high tech TVs that are used in the home.

While this method is the most direct approach, and will allow you to set up several input sources for your flip down monitor, it is usually not the most efficient way to do things. However, if you have the space in your vehicle for multiple input devices (i.e. a DVD player, a VCR and other devices) along with a powerful DC to AC power inverter, you can install as many devices as you like and use the remote control that comes with the flip down monitor to toggle between input sources. Alternatively, you could use the on-screen menu options that are available with most flip down monitors as well.

The High Tech Input Source Option

If you want to truly go high tech with your vehicle and flip down monitor installation, you should install a desktop or laptop computer in your vehicle. When you install a personal computer, you have all sorts of input options. Not only can you play video directly from the desktop or laptop computer, you can also view a standard DVD movie or even add a TV adapted to the computer to watch live TV on your flip down monitor. There are also a number of USB video adapters that you can connect to the computer to allow even more types inputs that can be controlled from the computer screen.

In addition to the flexibility using a computer provides when managing input devices offers, it is also very convenient. A wireless mouse that can be easily tucked away in a console or glove box can be used to perform normal computer functions while using your flip down monitor as a display. If you do use a computer to manage your input sources, you would simply choose the source in the same way you would on your home computer. Simply select the device or program that is used to manage the video source and run the program. Although installing a personal computer in your vehicle may seem difficult, it is certainly much easier and efficient than installing multiple input devices and using a remote control to toggle input settings.