A Guide to Wiring Your LED Turn Signals

Turn signal on the back of a truck
  • 1-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500

Many new cars on the market today make use of LED turn signals. There are several key benefits in using LED turn signals which include lasting a lot longer than traditional lights and being much brighter. This is especially appreciated in circumstances of bad weather and poor visibility. If you want LED turn signals on your older vehicle, it's possible. You can take your car to most garages and have a mechanic do it for you for a lot of money or you can also do it yourself. The information contained is a quick guide on installing LED turn signals.

Which Turn Signals to Turn LED

Before even attempting to install LED turn signals on your car you should consider which turn signals you want to do it to. You have turn signals in the front and the back of your car. You can also install LED turn signals under the mirrors. If you have the money and the time you can install LED turn signals in every turn signal of the car.

Right Tools for the Job

Working on any project from installing an engine or transmission to replacing a fender or installing LED turn signals requires the right tools. Without them it is like competing in a car race on foot. You might be able to take part but you will never win. Make sure you have a small pry par handy along with screwdrivers of various sizes. Other items to consider having with you are baggies for the screws you remove, wire cutters, wire strippers and masking tape to tape wire leads to the car. Pliers are also essential when wiring LED turn signals.

Don’t Make More Work for Yourself

turn signal on the back of a car

In most circumstances the process to install LED turn signals is the same as replacing any turn signal on the vehicle. There is no need to run extra wires through the body of the car unless you are adding LED turn signals to the side mirrors. Another reason to replace the wiring is if the old wiring is corroded.

The wiring in the car is often in two parts for the lights. The colored plate fits on top of the bulb but under the reflective plate is the wiring. The wiring inside the car connects to the wiring of the light. The only wiring you need to concern yourself with is the wiring on the lights and not inside the car. This is part of the electrical system. You can, of course, repair or replace damaged wiring.

Get the Correct Lights

Depending on the car you have, the LED turn signals will be created for specific models of vehicles. Some lights you find will be able to be used on other cars as well. Make sure you tell the clerk at the auto parts store what the make and model of your car is as well as the year. They will be able to tell you if LED turn signals have been manufactured for your car or if any could be used with it regardless.