A Holistic Approach to Pet Nutrition

Pet nutrition is an important part of keeping your pets healthy and happy. A holistic approach to pet nutrition involves feeding our beloved cats and dogs with a natural, wholesome diet and not foods that are filled with processed and chemical-laden ingredients. Like us, pets thrive on foods that are natural and as close to its original form as possible. Holistic pet nutrition focuses on enhancing longevity, keeping pets disease-free and increasing overall wellness through a pet's diet. Here is more information on providing your pet with an all-natural, healthy diet.

An Increasing Demand for Natural Foods

With a growing awareness about the health risks that commercial and processed foods pose for cats and dogs, more consumers have started using organic and natural foods to keep their pets healthy and strong. According to Born Free USA in an article titled "What's Really in Pet Food," the pet food industry capitalizes on using the unusable and discarded parts of grains, slaughterhouse meats and similar waste to turn it into pet food. With this kind of commercially available food, it is only natural for consumers to change and use natural, holistic foods for their pets.

What is a Holistic Pet Meal

A holistic meal for pets is one which is made using natural, organic and chemical-free ingredients to ensure the highest degree of health and wellness. Using the right ingredients as well as the right method for cooking them will ensure that the meal is filled with wholesome goodness. In her book, "Pet Lover's Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs," Barbara Fougere writes that fresh foods are just as good for pets as they are for us.

However, there are also several reputable holistic pet foods available in the markets that follow these requirements. In order to supplement and balance the diet further, you can also give your pet some vitamin supplements, such as Omega-3 salmon oil and others. A well-rounded, naturally prepared and preservative-free meal is good not only for us humans but also for our pets.

Why Holistic Pet Nutrition

The reasons to change to holistic pet foods are many. The first is ensuring good health. When your pet will eat food that is actually good for him and doesn't only fill his stomach, he'll thrive. Secondly, a holistic meal is nutrient-dense which means that your pet will be energetic and look good. Thirdly, a natural diet is the best way for a pet to recover from any illness or ailment. Processed foods are alright, if they're consumed occasionally. However, if they're eaten every day, they're bound to have side-effects. Opting for wholesome food is a sensible and health-promoting decision for our cats and dogs too.

Fresh, natural and good-for-you, holistic pet nutrition is not only safe but also completely healthy for your pets. Changing over to wholesome pet food from processed ones is bound to make a difference in the way your pet looks and feels.