A Lazy Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Prep

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Storage area (basement, shed, garage)
Drainage pans

With the fall rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get your house ready for the change in seasons. Whether it’s because you aren’t a fan of home maintenance or if you’re low on free time, though, you may want to cut back on the fall prep around the house. If that’s the case for you, you’re in luck. Below, find a list of the must-do tasks to prepare your home for fall, ensuring you don’t have to be bogged down by a laundry list of tasks.

Put Away Summer Toys

Patio furniture.

Whether you have a pool with an abundance of floats or summer patio furniture that needs to be taken in, now is the time to do it. Clean these items well to avoid the growth of mold and mildew and shuffle around your storage space to accommodate these items. Tuck them away in an organized fashion so that they’re protected from the elements and out of the way until next season.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizer used on a yard.

A relatively quick task that goes a long way as far as preparing your home and yard for fall is fertilizing your lawn. Experts say doing so protects the lawn over the winter and helps it grow faster and more green once spring comes. This action triggers the renewed growth of blades and roots. Set aside some time to do this before the fall hits for a green lawn next spring.

Drain and Store Lawn Equipment

A lawnmower is pushed through grass.

This is an easy task that ensures that your expensive lawn maintenance equipment is in tip-top condition by the time the next spring rolls around. Failing to take part in this task could result in hefty issues, as unused gas goes through chemical changes, leading to gum and harmful deposits that do some serious damage to equipment. Around mid-October, or whenever you’ve done your final mowing and maintenance, drain the tanks of your mower, leaf blower, and weed eater and store the items safely in your garage, basement, or shed. Cover them to keep them sheltered during the offseason.

Turn off and Drain Faucets and Sprinklers

A sprinkler system in a yard.

This is another small task that is a must-do before the cold weather arrives. To avoid huge puddles, a frozen garden hose, or a frozen sprinkler line, disconnect outdoor hoses, turn off the water supply, and open faucets to run systems until they’re completely drained of water. This is super simple to do, but easy to forget, so don’t leave it off your list this fall.

Service Your Furnace

A man inspects a furnace.

Although this is something likely best left to the professionals, it’s still a necessary step to take before the fall. The last thing you want once the cold weather hits is to not have your heating system in working condition. Schedule a professional service for an inspection and to have the filter replaced.

Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney

A man cleans a chimney

To ensure you can further warm your home during the fall and winter, clean out your fireplace thoroughly, inspect the flue, and make sure all doors and shields to the fireplace and chimney are in working condition. Also, take this opportunity to stock up on firewood.

Swap Out Your Linens

A bed with fresh linens.

Not every home prep task needs to be a strenuous one. Changing out your linens for the cooler fall months is simple — change comforters and sheets, first giving everything a fresh wash prior to changing out your bedding. You also may want to get those cozy throw blankets out of storage to enjoy in front of the fireplace on crisp fall days. Make sure to wash and properly store your summer linens so that they are fresh and ready next season once the weather changes.

While there are probably more tasks that can be done to ready your home for fall, you can easily get away with taking care of this list and then calling it a day. After that, you’ll be on your way to enjoying changing leaves and mild temperatures all season long.