A Simple Solution to a Common Problem: We Put Post Shields to the Test

It’s hard to keep wood posts and mailboxes looking their best when lawn equipment gets too close. We’ve all seen newly painted wood get scraped up or whittled down over time which is why we wanted to try out Post Shields. This product promised to be a simple solution for a common problem.

Post Shields are strong plastic covers that slip over your posts to keep lawn equipment from touching them. We’ve seen a couple versions before, but this was by far the simplest to install. The product arrived as four flat sides with interlocking ends. All we had to do was slide three of the sides together to start forming the square, and then place it at the bottom of the post before sliding the last piece on. The sides all fit together perfectly, gave no resistance when connecting them, and only took about a minute to complete.

Post Shields on a mailbox

The shields themselves come in black, white, and bronze, so you can pick which color accents your wood the best. It also came in two sizes, 4x4 and 6x6, as well as different lengths ranging from 4” to 16”. They also offer special shields with your street number for mailbox placement. We tried out white and black 4x4 varieties and were impressed with how well they held up.

The plastic is made for high impact and is UV protected to maintain color for continual outdoor exposure. We tried an electric string trimmer against it and only noticed smudge marks from the grass. We were also able to pound it into the ground with a rubber mallet for areas in our yard that had uneven terrain. Cutting them down for a customized fit was also simple.

Post Shields after string trimmer

For our use, the best part was that we could install it on new posts for prevention, but also slip it over older posts that had already been worn down. This was an easy solution that stopped damage from getting worse and instantly improved the appearance. They were easily used on any square post, and while we tried it on a fence and mailbox, their use can be expanded to decks, pergolas, or anything else you have in your yard.

Post Shields are made in the USA and can be bought online either as a single unit or in packs. Their website has charts to help you choose the best size for your needs.