About Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

If you're like most people, the hardest part about decorating for the holidays with indoor and outdoor Christmas lights is finding the closest electrical outlet and getting all of those cords connected in the most convenient way. You must also consider the dangers of long extension cords lying about and the combination of electricity with rain and snow. If you want a convenient, easy and safe solution, then battery-operated Christmas lights are a good choice.

Why Battery-Operated?

It's true that battery-operated Christmas lights are convenient and easy to use without the hassle of using extension cords and finding available electrical outlets. One concern, however, with using battery-operated Christmas lights is the cost of batteries and the hassle of recycling used batteries. Many of the battery-operated string lights available will last for 8 hours with 2-C batteries. Over the length of the holiday season that could get quite expensive, depending on how often you turn your Christmas lights on and the length of time you leave them on.

Getting the Most out of Battery-Operated Christmas Lights

The first recommendation, if you haven't already done this, is to purchase a decent battery charger and some rechargeable batteries. Your initial investment will be worth it over the course of several holiday seasons. And, you'll have less stress over worrying about what to do with all of those dead batteries.

LED Christmas Lights

Another consideration when purchasing battery-operated Christmas lights is the growing popularity of LED lights. Many Christmas lights are now made using LED lights, or light-emitting diode lights, which are being used in an ever-increasing variety of ways. LED lights require less electricity to power them, making them a good choice for holiday decorating. Your batteries will last longer, and since you don't need the lights to be super bright, the dimness of LED lights won't be an issue either.

Convenient Options

In addition, take note of the growing variety of battery-operated LED Christmas lights, from strings of lights to lighted tabletop and window decorations. It seems that every imaginable Christmas light decoration has now been made using LED lights. No longer do you have to give up creative control or buy the same LED setup as everyone else in order to reap the benefits of battery-operated LED lights. So, the choice is really up to you. From an environmental standpoint, LED lights combined with rechargeable batteries are the way to go.

Choosing the right Christmas lights for your holiday decor takes a significant amount of strategy and planning. With the advent of battery-operated Christmas lights, the challenge just got easier. So, by using battery-operated LED Christmas lights to decorate your home this holiday season, you can avoid the extension cord dilemma, decorate your house and yard the way you want, and help preserve the environment all at the same time. Genius!