About Concrete Block Walls

A cinder or concrete block wall is often installed by homeowners in a number of different applications.

Walls – Cement block walls are often installed as privacy walls to block off sections of a property, either from the street or from other portions of the site. Cement block walls are also very commonly constructed as sound barriers along highways or busy streets, not only to block off noise, but also to provide security and privacy for homeowners who live along the road.

Buildings – Cinder block is also commonly used for buildings such as workshops, garages and sheds. Because this is a very easy to install building material, many homeowners find that they can construct their own small buildings without needing extensive contractor services. However, concrete block buildings are extremely heavy, so care needs to be used when deciding to use concrete block for a building location.

Using Blocks

It is extremely important to mix mortar for a concrete block wall correctly so that the wall holds together. Mortar is a mixture of sand, lime, cement and water. You can purchase prepackaged mortar that only requires water be added. This type of mortar usually is more than adequate for most concrete wall construction projects.

Build a wall using a trowel to lay on mortar and square up the blocks. You will also need to snap a plumb line to make sure that the wall remains straight and use a level to guarantee that the wall is level as you add each level of blocks.