About Farm-Style Copper Kitchen Sinks

A copper kitchen sink adds beauty and warmth to almost any kitchen. If this is a sink style you are contemplating for your home kitchen remodeling project, here are a few things to consider.

What Is a Farm Style Sink?

The primary different between a standard kitchen sink and a farm style sink is the design of the sink. Standard sinks are usually either installed flush with the counter or with a rim above the counter. However, a farm style sink has a front apron that completely covers the front of the sink and there is no cabinet or counter in front of the sink. Farm style sinks not only come in copper, but can also be found in enamel, cast iron and brass. It is possible to find these lovely sinks not only as brand new fixtures, but also occasionally at salvage yards or estate sales.

Copper Sinks

The farm style copper sink is a beautiful kitchen fixture. Very commonly, these sinks have decorative designs on the front apron, which makes them extremely distinctive. As the sink ages, the copper acquires a deep patina from constant exposure to water and use.

Generally, copper sinks arrive from the manufacturer unwaxed. Applying a wax polish will protect the metal and keep it the color of a copper penny. However, for homeowners who want the copper to develop a deep patina with use, no waxing or polishing is needed.

Regular cleaning and maintenance with metal polish can be conducted and avoid cleaning products with a high acidic level or harsh chemicals.