All About Floor Sanders

floor sander on a wood floor

The most important part of sanding floors is choosing the best floor sander among the many available on the market today. These valuable pieces of equipment are huge time savers when it comes to any hardwood floor refinishing project.

To Rent or Buy a Floor Sander

When tackling the labor-intensive job of sanding floors it pays to have a floor sander on hand to dramatically cut down on the labor. Depending on your frequency of use, you can either rent or purchase the equipment at most local equipment suppliers. Purchasing a floor sander will cost you upwards of $500, whereas renting one will only set you back about $50 to $75 for the day. When looking at equipment, note that you can get a either an orbital sander or a belt sander, depending on the condition of your floor.

Maintain and Prep the Floor Sander

Regardless of whether you own or rent, it’s important to properly maintain and prep your floor sander before each use. A thorough vacuuming of the dust collection bag and motor is a must to ensure proper operations. It’s also important to make sure the sandpaper itself still has substantial grit left to get the job done. In most cases, you will have to replace the sandpaper several times, changing from harsher grits to polish grits in order to complete the project.

A floor sander is an invaluable piece of equipment for efficiently refinishing a hardwood floor. No matter what your budget, this equipment is readily available to purchase or rent.