About Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are quickly gaining popularity with consumers because they save construction time without sacrificing quality. These pre-built homes have several advantages over traditional and modular built homes.


Manufactured homes consist of pre-built walls, complete with electrical and plumbing installed in that section. The sections are numbered and are installed in sequence to ensure a proper fit between each section. Everything is pre-manufactured in the home from the interior stairs to the interior trim moulding. This differs from modular homes that are built in room sections and assembled on site.


There are some disadvantages to selecting a manufactured home as opposed to a traditionally constructed home. With so many individual wall sections, it’s extremely important to make sure each wall section is level with the next section.

Another disadvantage to manufactured homes is the multiple connection points for the plumbing and electrical system. The more connection points in a plumbing or electrical system means the increased potential for failure at these points. Remember, a plumbing pipe is more likely to fail at a fitting rather than the pipe itself.

Manufactured homes can be a great alternative to traditional construction for the right homeowner. Just be sure to compare the facts to know exactly what you’re dealing with when constructing a manufactured home.