About Mexican Rustic Decor

Although there is an American Northeast variety of rustic décor, Mexican rustic is distinguished by its distinctive Mexican features. Regional painting distinctions, which colorfully decorate it, help set it apart from the American kind. To American eyes, these Mexican woods give the furniture a sort of exotic feel.

Rustic Décor’s history

The origins of rustic furniture have been pinpointed to 19th century upstate New York, in the Adirondack Mountains. Traditionally, it has been linked with elite folks in the U.S., where they decorated huge country estates during that period with Mexican rustic décor. Ironically, it was the poorer folks that actually made the furniture and sold it to the wealthy ones for case, or bartered for food. In fact, you can find many of these period pieces preserved by private art collectors, or displayed in museums. Historians estimate that rustic furniture has been created and utilized for approximately over a hundred years. Oddly enough, it has evolved from being formulated out of necessity, to becoming something highly coveted as a collectable.

The Attraction to Mexican Rustic Décor

Although some may view rustic furniture as unsophisticated and simplistic, this look and feel is intentional, and its unfinished nature is a big part of the style’s allure. It reminds those that love it of the period in history when all furniture was fashioned by hand, with regional materials. It’s distinguished by beautiful gilding, carvings, and other ornamentation. As with all the best art, Mexican rustic décor masters put a whole lot of their own signature techniques into each piece.

It’s About Feel, as Well as Look

When used to decorate homes, Mexican rustic décor is as much tactile, as it is nice to look at. In other words, the piece’s texture is one of the factors that make it so appealing. Many times, this furniture is constructed from material that has been recycled. If they come off with a worn vibe, that’s on purpose.

Warmth is a Big Draw

For many admirers of Mexican rustic décor, modern furniture strikes them as being too sterile – cold, even. In contrast, rustic showcases natural beauty and is warm. What might, at first glance, look like flaws, are all part of its charm. Irregular shapes and roughened edges help make every piece unique. Planed surfaces, which contrast with rough and natural edges, all contribute to the overall charm.

Mexican Rustic Décor Lives On and Remains Popular Today

These days, most of the Mexican rustic décor furniture creators sell their wares in quant shops. Oftentimes, it can be purchased in northeast small locales around the United States, designed now just the way it has for over a century. Mexican rustic décor continues to be used in gardens and homes. Dining room sets, made from recycled wood, are not uncommon. Even barn wood has become a trendy material in recycled designs. After all, if you fashion a set from the same source material, there is an overall cohesiveness to the set.

With its continuing popularity, Mexican rustic décor has gone from something south-of-the-border, to a style without borders. It will never lose its unique appeal.