About Refrigerator Deodorizers

Along with a refrigerator there comes the problem of choosing a good quality refrigerator deodorizer. They are basically of two types: homemade and commercial deodorizers.

Different Types of Refrigerator Deodorizers

All the refrigerator deodorizers are common as far as their utility is considered, i.e. to remove any bad or unpleasant odor from the refrigerator. Their difference lies in their way of achieving that. Some of the frequently used and effective refrigerator deodorizers are:

  • A small container with baking soda is the least expensive of all refrigerator deodorizers.
  • A dampened newspaper, wrapped around a ball or alone, is another good example of homemade refrigerator deodorizer.
  • Activated charcoal acts as a good absorber not only for refrigerators but also for several other purposes, like water filtration.
  • Activated oxygen based deodorizer removes odor by spreading fresh oxygen inside the refrigerator. Oxygen used in this deodorizer is heavier than the natural oxygen.
  • Air circulating refrigerator deodorizers disperse the odor by evenly distributing air throughout the refrigerator. They do so with the help of tiny fans.

What to Consider before Opting for a Particular Refrigerator Deodorizer

There is no doubt that homemade deodorizers are the cheapest options available, but they are not as effective as the commercial deodorizers. Homemade deodorizers are good for those refrigerators that contain a little stuff and are not used regularly. But for the refrigerators that are used frequently, commercial deodorizers would be the best option. If you own a pet bird, make sure that the chemical-based refrigerator deodorizer doesn’t contain any chemical sthat can harm the bird on inhalation.