About Your Porcelain Bathtub

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A porcelain bathtub requires special care when cleaning and dealing chips and scratches. Knowing how to properly clean and maintain your porcelain bathtub will maintain its appearance for many years.

Cleaning Your Porcelain Bathtub

Because of the delicate finish on your porcelain bathtub, it is recommended that you don’t use anything harsh or grainy to clean it. These products can do more harm than good, damaging the finish.

A natural and non-abrasive cleaner for your porcelain bathtub is a mix of water and cream of tartar. Add a table spoon of boiling water to .25-cups of cream of tartar, mixing until it forms a thick paste. Using this mixture, scrub your porcelain bathtub. Rinse with warm water and then dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Not only will this clean your tub, but it will also polish it, making it nice and shiny.

Removing Scratches From Your Porcelain Bathtub

If the scratch or chip in your tub is large, you may be better to have the tub refinished by a professional. If it is just a small scratch, then you can fill it in yourself with a porcelain repair kit. These kits are available at most hardware stores.

Before using the porcelain repair kit, clean and completely dry your tub. Then wipe the scratch with rubbing alcohol. Doing so will make ensure that there is no dirt or dust in the area to be repaired. Follow the directions on repair kit to fill in the scratch or chip.