Lush Landscaping: Enhancing Your Above Ground Pool

Since installing an above ground pool is less expensive than an in-ground pool consider spending more time and resources on above ground pool landscaping. 

Step 1 – Above ground pool landscaping protects your pool
There should be at least a three-foot area around an above ground pool where there are no plants. However, container plants present an exception to this rule. Keep all grass away from the pool as some types of grass can kill pool liners.

Step 2 – Clear the area around the pool
To properly landscape the area around your above ground pool, first treat the ground with a weed and grass killer. You might also want to lay down a sheet of plastic and cover it with decorative rocks. The plastic will keep the area around the pool dry. When water splashes outside of the pool it creates a breeding ground for grass and weeds.

Step 3 – Pool decks are attractive
Surround the pool with pool decking. This technique is an attractive way to add greenery without causing damage to the pool liner. This also gives the pool the feeling of a natural and lush environment.

Step 4 – Decorate the surroundings
If you prefer privacy, surround the section of your yard with an attractive fence. Effective above ground pool landscaping keeps a pool and its surroundings as beautiful as any in-ground pool.

For the best above ground pool landscaping, consider consulting with a pool designer. Regardless of whether or not you decide to hire them, they can give you great tips on how to keep the area in tip-top shape.