Above Ground Pool Landscaping Tips

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Above ground pool landscaping can make the above-ground pool seem like a natural part of the garden. There’s an art to it, without doubt, but with some care and imagination, it can be very effective. Above ground pool landscaping doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can do the work yourself and make the pool a vital part of the yard rather than standing out alone.


Creating a pathway to the pool is good above ground pool landscaping as it draws the pool into the garden rather than isolating it. Use smooth stones for stepping stones made from cement to create the pathway. The stepping stones don’t have to be square; go for a different design that brings more character to the garden. Let the pathway wind around if you have room so that it becomes part of the garden.


Large colorful plants in containers around the pool help make it a part of the garden, while planting tress close to the pool can provide some shade in time as well as greenery and more color. If planting trees you need to be aware of the spread of the root system and not locate them too close to the pool itself. Create an oasis of plants in one area to draw the eye rather than spacing them out. Have your path leading to them too.


Building a deck is one of the most useful above ground landscaping moves you can make. A deck around the fool gives people somewhere to sit and makes the pool much more accessible; there’s no need to climb over the side to get in. Use a good wood sealer on the deck. Have the steps from the pool deck join to the pathway. If there’s room, make the deck wide enough to accommodate a lounger or chairs, and don’t forget to have small plants in containers on the deck as well. The more you can link all the landscaping elements together, the more successful it will be.


No one really likes to be watched, so having a privacy fence between the pool and other yards, as well as from the street, will leave everyone more relaxed. It’s simple to erect and you can plant ivy, vines, or climbing plants to conceal the wood. Honeysuckle or clematis can be very good for this.

Clean the Area

The simplest landscaping tip is a very obvious one. The best above ground landscaping idea is to simply keep the area around the pool clean and free of debris. Clear away and mounds of earth, branches, and whatever else has accumulated. Plant some grass and keep it neat and short. Stop trees overhanging the pool by lopping off branches. This has an extra effect of helping to keep leaves out of the pool water. This can be the starting point for good above ground pool landscaping, and from this, you can introduce other things as time and money allow to give a complete landscape to the area.