Above-Ground Pool Liners: 3 Types

If you have an above-ground swimming pool, you will need durable above-ground pool liners. There are 3 main types of above-ground pool liners o the market today: beaded liners, overlap pool liners and unibead pool liners. The type of liner that you select will depend on the liner system that is required by your pool’s manufacturer.

1. Overlap Liner

One of the most common types of above-ground pool liners is the overlap pool liner. Overlap pool liners are used by a lot of children’s wading and swimming pools. These liners have a flat edge that is draped over the side of the pool’s walls. A coping strip is then used to cap the top edge of the swimming pool, which holds the liner in place.

2. Beaded Liner

Beaded liners are another type of pool liner that is very common. This type of liner has a snap or bead strip that is attached to the edge of the liner. This strip fits into the female hardware channel that is attached to the pool’s wall.

3. Unibead or J-hook Liner

The third above-ground pool liner option is the unibead or J-hook liner. This type of pool liner has an edge that looks like an upside down "J". It is installed by hanging the liner on the wall of the pool using the J-hook. The advantage of this liner type is that it will work with both flat-edge pool systems and beaded-channel pool systems.