Above-Ground Pool Pump Repair

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  • 1-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500

Your above ground pool pump will require repair at some point in the life of the pool. Whether you realize it or not, when your pool pump breaks down, it has a direct impact on the pool. It is in your best interest to repair the pump as soon as possible.

Common Issues

There are several common issues with the above ground pool pump that will cause it to break down. These include:

A burned out seal preventing the pump from priming or a leaking pipe joint that allows water to drip constantly on the casing. This allows the casing to deteriorate and destroys the motor.

There are other issues as well. These are the two most common issues.

Step 1 - Troubleshoot

You first have to start a troubleshooting process to determine where the problem with your above ground pool pump is. There are two primary parts to the pump. The first one is of course the motor, and the second is what is called the "wet end."

If the pump won’t power up, follow these steps:

First check the breaker to see if it may have tripped. There should actually be two breakers – the direct breaker to the pool pump itself and the breaker that feeds the sub-panel to the pool breaker.

If both breakers are OK, then the next thing you will want to check is the timer if the pool pump is on one.

Next, check that the motor is plugged in. You’ll be surprised at how many pump motors have been found to be unplugged by repairmen.

If everything checks out and is plugged in and turned on, then it’s highly likely the motor is bad.

Step 2 - Make your repairs

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Now that we have determined the motor is bad, we have to obtain the necessary pool pump parts to fix it. This is where you might want to take a few things into consideration:

How much does the motor cost?

How much does a new pool pump cost?

Knowing these things will help you determine if it makes more sense to replace the motor, or simply replace the entire pump assembly.

Other Information

A similar process can be followed to troubleshoot other problems you may be having with your pump. For instance, if your pump will not prime, then you need to ask yourself WHY it won’t prime. It could be there are leaky pipes in the system so you would look for any leaks. If you find none, then the seal is perhaps shot and will need to be replaced.

Fortunately above ground pool pump repairs are not that difficult and the average person can fix any problem quite easily once they have a grasp of what the problem is. Pool pump parts can be purchased from your local pool supply shop, or ordered online, where you are likely to find the best prices.